Winds of Vengeance is the fourth in the Dallas mini-series. Written by Camille Marchetta and directed by Irving J. Moore, the episode originally aired as part of a six-episode miniseries arc on CBS-TV on April 23, 1978.


A hurricane threatens Southfork, but an even bigger storm is about to hit when Miss Ellie, Pam, Sue Ellen and Lucy become the captives of men who are more than a little ticked off over J.R. and Ray's affairs with the women in their lives.

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Texas is being threatened by a powerful storm. As the hurricane approaches two men arrive at Southfork and take hostages. One of the men is out for revenge on J.R. for having an affair with his wife.


A severe storm blows into the Dallas area, along with a couple of strangers from Waco who look to get even with JR and Ray, who seemingly took advantage of their own women the previous night. With the hands off for the day to attend a festival in San Antonio, the ranch looks even more deserted when the only ones packing guns and giving orders on Southfork are the strangers.

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  • Jock Ewing: Somebody better call the sheriff before I blast these two slobs!