Ben Piazza as Walt Driscoll
Ben Piazza as Walt Driscoll on the CBS-TV series "Dallas"
Walt Driscoll
Occupation: Employed at the Texas State Office of Land Management
About: Succeeded Cliff Barnes at the Office of Land Management; commits suicide
Played by: Ben Piazza
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 11 in Season 6

Walt Driscoll is a recurring character on the CBS-TV series Dallas. Walt appears in 11 episodes in Season 6, beginning with the episode titled "Aftermath". The part of Walt is played in the episodes by Ben Piazza.

About WaltEdit

Driscoll was one of Clif’s successors at the Office of Land Management, He and a Edgar Randolph, a federal land contracting offical, have two things in common in dealing with the Ewings; both were blackmailed by J.R., both tried to kill him (Driscoll with a car, Randolph with a gun) and both turned suicidal.

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