Wade Luce in Jock's Will
Robert Ackerman as Wade Luce in the Season 6 episode of the CBS-TV series "Dallas" titled "Jock's Will".
Wade Luce
Occupation: Founder/President and CEO, Wade Luce Oil, Ft. Worth, TX
Children: 2 daughters
Played by: Robert Ackerman in reurring role
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 13 in Seasons 1-6

Wade Luce, appears in a total of 13 episodes of the CBS-TV series Dallas. The part of Wade is played by Robert Ackerman.

About WadeEdit

Wade, who was the founder and CEO and president of Wade Luce Oil, was an old cronie in the notorious Oil Cartel, and business partner of the Ewings, namely J.R. and Jock, who would often pop up at numerous times when the two, along with other key members of the Oil Cartel would meet to discuss the goings on and movements of people whom they were following, such a Cliff Barnes, when he was running for the Texas State Assembly ("Election" Season 2), as he often would have tacit involvement in many of J.R.'s schemes. Wade, seeking to retire from the oil business, wound selling the company to Rebecca Wentworth as the company kept its place within the Oil Cartel, now, all of a sudden, rechristened Barnes-Wentworth Oil, with Rebecca and son Cliff Barnes as the main stockholders. Upon Rebecca's death in 1983, her son Cliff became sole owner and CEO of the company, which would eventually buy out the Ewing Oil company, and assume the name, until 2012 when it would merge with Ewing Energies and become Ewing Global, with Cliff also retiring from the oil business.

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