Carlos Bernard
Carlos Bernhard as Vincente Cano
Vicente Cano
Occupation: Venezuelan Businessman / criminal
About: Finances deal between J.R. and John Ross Ewing and a Marta Del Sol, an con artist who posed as an enviornmentalist, whom he later has murdered by his criminal gang
is shot dead by Drew Ramos, Elena's brother
Children: None
Played by: Carlos Bernard
Appears on: Dallas (second series)
Episodes appeared in: 7 in Seasons 1 & 2

*† - deceased/presumed deceased

Vicente Cano, a Venezuelan businessman, appears on the TNT TV series Dallas, in a total of seven episodes. The part of Vicente is played by Carlos Bernard.


Vicente reminding John Ross of their South American oil drilling business deal, which he and J.R. has failed to put up the finances for their end of the deal.

About VicenteEdit

Vicente discusses the Harris Ryland dilemma in which Ann, an old flame of Harris's, confronts him for having trucks sent on the South American sites which John Ross was to have Ewing Energies drill, where she shot him and was charged for attemped murder. When the Ewings fail to hold up their end of the secret South American oil drilling deal between they and and an enviormentalist/con artist named Marta Del Sol, where he was to be the main financier, he turns violent, as he, who greedily wanted to control the whole deal, has Marta killed, making it look as if she committed suicide, as she fell from the balcony. He eventually is sentenced to prison, after federal agents raid his house. In season 2, he escapes from the supervision of the Venezuelan consul general while awaiting extradition. He holds the Ewings hostage at Southfork to force Christopher to turn over his methane extraction technology, but this attempt fails and he is shot dead by Elena's brother Drew Ramos. "

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