Veronica Martinez

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Veronica Martinez †
Occupation: Partner in Ramos Oil
Marital Status: Single
Spouse(s): None
Other Relationships: John Ross Ewing III
Parents(s): Unknown
Sibling(s): Unknown
Children: Unknown
Other Relatives: Unknown
Played by: Leonor Varela
Appears on:

Veronica Martinez was an old Las Vegas girlfriend of John Ross Ewing III. She used the name Marta Del Sol as alias. She was part of the conspiracy set up by John Ross to take over Southfork. Veronica posed as Marta Del Sol, the head of a fake land conservancy Bobby Ewing wanted to sell to. She promised to keep Southfork land safe from drilling. When she found out John Ross only had eyes for Elena, she double crossed him by making the deed out to J.R. Ewing, his father. Marta continued to stalk John Ross. Eventually, she was killed by thugs working for the Venezuelans she and John Ross were dealing with.

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