Vanessa Beaumont
Gayle Hunnicutt as Vanessa Beaumont.
Vanessa Beaumont
Occupation: None
Marital status: Single
Life Partner(s): J.R. Ewing (adulterous affair)
Children: James Richard Beaumont
Played by: Gayle Hunnicutt
Appears on: Dallas (second series)
Episodes appeared in: 13 in Seasons 12-14
Vanessa Beaumont, an old flame of J.R.'s, appears in a total of 13 episodes in the final three seasons of The CBS-TV series Dallas. The part of Vanessa is played in these episodes by Gayle Hunnicutt.

About VanessaEdit

British born Vanessa, a past flame of J.R., engaged in adulterous affair in the late 1960's, which produced a son, James Richard Beaumont; she would reveal this to J.R. when she returned to Dallas in Season 12.

Many fans of the series may think that Sue Ellen, who once referred to J.R. as the love of her life, in spite of all the dysfunction in their marriage, as she did become Mrs. J.R. Ewing twice during the course of the show, but J.R. felt he had a lifelong connection with Vanessa. The feelings J.R. had for Vanessa only grew stronger when he found out that he had fathered her child years earlier, as they briefly rekindled their one-time romance.

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