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Valene Ewing
Occupation: waitress/author
Marital Status: Married to Gary Ewing from 1961-present with off-on relationship
Spouse(s): Gary Ewing
Ben Gibson †
Danny Waleska †
Other Relationships: None
Parents(s): Jeremiah Clements (father)

Lilimae Clements, née Patrick (mother)

Sibling(s): Joshua Rush (half-brother)
Children: Lucy Ewing (born 1962)
Bobby Ewing
Betsy Ewing
Other Relatives: Joshua Patrick + (great grandfather)

Aura Belle Patrick, geb. Wylie + (great grandmother)
Horace Patrick (great-great-uncle)
Isabell Patrick, geb. Waring + (great-great-aunt)
Queenie Waring + (aunt)
Ida Scott, geb. Wylie (great aunt)
Anthony Scott (great-great-uncle)
Edward Scott (third cousin)
Edwina Scott (third cousin)
Meg Patrick (great aunt)
Edna Patrick (great aunt)
June Rush, geb. Patrick + (great aunt)
Jonathan J. Rush (great uncle)

Played by: Joan Van Ark
Appears on:
Valene Ewing is the wife of Gary Ewing and the mother of Lucy Ewing. Most of her actions on the show happened either off-screen or before the show began, such as her first marriage to Gary Ewing or the birth of her daughter Lucy. She is seen as a waitress and is introduced as Gary's estranged wife.

After remarring Gary, he and Val moved to a California home bought by Miss Ellie at a Cul-de-Sac there. Gary came up with the name, and called it Knots Landing.

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