Truth and Consequences was the fifth episode of the TNT series Dallas. Written by Randy Zisk, the episode, which was directed by Robert Rovner, made its premiere on July 4, 2012.

Short SummaryEdit

With tension mounting between the newly married Christopher and Rebecca , family ties begin to unravel when the deed to Southfork is revealed. In order to thwart J.R.’s schemes, Ann opens a can of worms when she seeks help from someone in her past.


Even John Ross is baffled to find the Southfork purchase deed solely in J.R.'s name, but grudgingly accepts a procuration with instructions to start drilling while his father leaves indefinitely. Christopher is shocked as badly again when Rebecca admits Tommy planned preying on the Ewings as college mate years ago. He finds fake Marta alias Veronica's blackmail recordings of John Ross's own infidelity but decides against showing them to Elena after finding her inflexibly unforgiving about the e-mail debacle. Bobby just reports to the police, who find J.R.'s sale incontestable unless he is proved to have used fraud, which seems possible only for the fake Del Sol and the lawyer, who disappeared too. Meanwhile Anne asks her ex Harris Ryland to sabotage the drilling by breaking his transport contract.

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