Tommy Sutter
Occupation: Southfork Foreman, Con Artist
Marital status: Single
Spouse(s): None
Other Relationships: Rebecca Ewing (lovers)
Parent(s): Unknown
Sibling(s): Rebecca Sutter (sister)
Children: None
Other relatives: Unknown
Played by: Callard Harris

Thomas "Tommy" William Sutter is the older brother of Rebecca Sutter. Their parents died in a plane crash and Tommy and Rebecca became closer. He helped Rebecca get through law school. When his sister started to date Christopher Ewing, the two of them became friends. He was present at the wedding of Christopher and Rebecca. Tommy decided to stay in Dallas and he became Southfork's foreman by manipulating the trust of Ann Ewing. It is revealed that he and Rebecca are not brother and sister but lovers and he wants her to steal Christopher's technology to become rich, now that Rebecca has really fallen in love with Christopher she is not willing to go ahead of Tommy's plans. In one of the last episodes of season 1 he was shot by Rebecca.