Irma hall as Tilly
Irma Hall as Rosa, the Ewing's housekeeper
Occupation: Housekeeper at the Southfork Ranch
About: Is not surprised at the controvers when she learns that Pam, who is enagaged to Bobby, is Digger Barnes's daughter
Played by: Irma P. Hall
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: "Bar-B-Que" in Season 1

Tilly the housekeeper at Southfork Ranch, appears in the episode of titled "Bar-B-Que" in Season 1, The part of Tilly is played in the episode by Irma P. Hall, who later appears as Rosa, the maid of Mark Graison's estate, in the epiosde "Shadow of a Doubt" in Season 8 of the series.

About TillyEdit

When Jock has the Southfork Ranch hold a barbecue one weekend, the "scuttlebutt" circulating around the ranch is that the young lady which Bobby Ewing, Pamela, is engaged to is the daughter of Digger Barnes, it's Tilly who is told by ranch hand Sam (played by Haskell Craver), as she responds with no surprise, as she talks as if fights and fireworks are to be expected with the goings on with the Ewing clan at the ranch.

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