The Price You Pay was the third episode of the TNT series Dallas. Written by series creator Cynthia Cidre, the episode, which was directed by Bruce Rasmussen, made its premiere on June 20, 2012.

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Just as John Ross sets out to claim his birthright and make his father proud, J.R. decides to move back to Southfork, much to Ann's dismay. Bitter Ewing family enemy Cliff Barnes returns and tries to reconnect with his nephew, Christopher. A startling family announcement offers an opportunity to heal old wounds.

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Although J.R. found out John Ross's attempt to cheat even him, he's proud of his fearlessly scheming son, apologizes for having been such a lousy, absent father and takes charge of the knave's plan to take over Southfork. To this end J.R. suggests how to blackmail greedy lawyer Mitch Lobell and pretends his recovery requires moving to the family estate, which Anne insists Bobby must allow. Christopher is deeply hurt that his father didn't even confide in him about his cancer and walks out indignant about such lack of faith. Still Chris turns down Cliff Barnes's offer to finance his alternative gas drilling technique, which he believes to have solved, on account of the feud. Tommy presses Rebecca to install spy software in Christopher's laptop, but she can't bring herself to betray her unsuspecting husband.


Linda Gray does not appear in this episode.

Features the return of Ewing rival from the original show, Cliff Barnes.


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