The Lesson is the second in the Dallas mini-series. Written by Virginia Aldridge and directed by Irving J. Moore, the episode originally aired as part of a six-episode miniseries arc on CBS-TV on April 9, 1978.


Pam desperately attempts to win acceptance at Southfork by intervening in Lucy's life when she discovers that she has been skipping school and having an affair with ranch foreman Ray Krebbs.


After hearing Ray trying to pawn the job off on one of the ranch hands, Pam gets more than she bargained for after arranging to see that Lucy gets to school when Lucy takes matters into her own hands by scheming to get out of going.

Pam asks Lucy's teacher, Mr. Miller, at Dallas High, if he can keep an eye on her. In an attempt to get back at him and Pam for making her stay at the school, Lucy decides the night before the next day to cut a few small holes in her jacket using a sharp scissors, she then goes into Mr. Miller's office the next day before assembly. She comes running out screaming crying to all that he tried to assault her. Mr. Miller gets into trouble with the school principal, but Pam knows this is Lucy acting like her evil Uncle J.R. Pam then forces Lucy to apologise and make up. One night at a new club in Dallas city, Pam and Bobby come across Lucy's friend Roger, who has had a hand in Lucy's trick earlier that day. Bobby sees Lucy and Ray together and threatens Ray. Pam stops this. While Bobby, Pam and Lucy plan to dance till dawn at the club.

Meanwhile, JR deals with his little brother, Bobby, by ducking him when Bobby tries to find out how JR is so successful when it comes to dealing with other independent oil companies.

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