Richard Kelton as Taylor Bennett
Richard Kelton as Taylor "Guzzler" Bennett in "Fallen Idol" in Season 2 of the CBS-TV series "Dallas".
Taylor Bennett
Occupation: Land developer, businessman/builder
About: Old college buddy of Bobby Ewing who agrees to help him in the development of a new shopping mall/complex on Southfork, which cuts into the drilling interests of J.R. and his oil buddies
Played by: Richard Kelton
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: "Fallen Idol" (Season 2)

Taylor "Guzzler" Bennett, an old college buddy of Bobby Ewing, appears in the Season 2 episode of the CBS-TV series Dallas titled "Fallen Idol". The part of Taylor is played in the episode by actor Richard Kelton.

About TaylorEdit

Bobby's college pal and teammate on the school football team, Taylor, got his nickname "The Guzzler" from appearently guzzling too many cans of beer, particularly after cekebrating after their football team won a big game. Taylor, who's a wealthy land developer in the contrustion business, overseeing the development of many high-scale projects, ala Donald Trump, in the US and in Europe, shows up in Dallas and lights up Bobby's eyes like he did when they were in college. But when they team up in a construction deal, it's Pam who feels like she's on the outside looking in, as she confronts Taylor about his care for Bobby, who seeks to enlist him in his start in the construction business.

Bobby, who seeks to engage in his first building project, knows that he can't pull the whole thing off successfully alone, as he values Taylor's expertise in the construction business. Taylor, not wanting to get invoived in any projects which could get in the way of the Ewing empire, declines, but Bobby, in assuring him that that won't be any problem, reluctantly agrees; when the two are driving along a wide vacant stretch of land on Southfork, Taylor has a brainstorm: build a large shopping plaza and development there!

When J.R. and his cronies in The Cartel, Jeb Ames and Willie Joe Garr, who happen to share a stake in the streth of land where Bobby and Taylor plan to launch the development and stand to lose millions if they aren't allowed to drill in the area, J.R. confronts Bobby,about it, as Taylor then decides to back out of the deal with his old friend Bobby.

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