Lesley Anne-Down as Stephanie Rogers
Lesley Anne Down as Stephanie
Stephanie Rogers
Occupation: Public Relations agent/Publicist
Marital status: Single
About: Promises Cliff that she would help polish is public image after leading inquiry into a oil spill which involved Ewing Oil, only to get romantically involved with him
Life Partner(s): Cliff Barnes (affair with)
Played by: Lesley-Anne Down
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 11 in Seasons 13

Stephanie Rogers, a publc relations agent, appears in a total of 11 Season 13 episodes of the original Dallas TV series which aired on CBS-TV. The part of Stephanie is played in the episodes by Lesley-Anne Down.

About StephanieEdit

When Cliff emerged as a public hero after leading an inquiry into an Exxon Valdez-style oil spill involving a Ewing Oil tanker (honestly, how did this company stay in business?), he toyed with the idea of running for governor. Enter Stephanie Rogers, the British-accented PR whiz who promised Cliff she would further polish his image and get him elected. When that didn’t happen, Cliff fired Stephanie, who disappeared faster than anyone could say, “Fake Alexis.”[1]

Episode appearancesEdit

season 13


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