Sly Lovegren
Deborah Rennard as Sylvia "Sly" Lovegren
Sly Lovegren
Occupation: Secretary at Ewing Oil
  • Formerly the secretary of Cliff Barnes
  • About: Got fired after getting into predicament with James Beaumont, which caused J.R. to be placed into sanitarium; returns to Ewing Oil briefly and engages in an affair with J.R.
    Played by: Deborah Rennard
    Appears on: Dallas (first series)
    Dallas: J.R. Returns (1996 TV movie)
    Episodes appeared in: 186 in series, in Seasons 5-14

    Sylvia "Sly" Lovegren, J.R.'s longtime secretary, appeared in a total of 181 episodes of the CBS-TV series Dallas as well as the 1996 CBS-TV movie Dallas: J.R. Returns. The part of Sly is played by Deborah Rennard.

    About SlyEdit

    Sly started working at Ewing Oil back in 1981 as JR`s secretary, after getting the job opening tip from a friend of her femily, who was also a friend to the Ewing family; while normally loyal and trustworthy of any matter, and one who dutifully performs any task he has her peform, often in trying to get the dirt on others, as J.R. is always able to confide in her, as she often finds herself entangled in many of his schemes, as well as those of his rivals and cronies in The Cartel. At one point, Sly was enlisted by Cliff, who during this time, was the Dallas County Assistant D.A., and who was spying on J.R., to trying get any dirt on his arch rival, in running investigation on him.

    Promising that he could help get her brother, who was in jail, released while using a bit of extortion,if she refused to cooperate, she goes along with Cliff's plan in investigating J.R., who winds up using the situation around to his advantage by getting Sly to give Cliff false information.

    In the final episode, "The Rise and Fall of the Ewing Empire", Sly gets fired by JR after getting into a predicament with J.R.'s illegitimate son James where he uses some extortion tactic on her, in conspiring to have J.R. temporarily sent to stay a sanitarium after he suffers somewhat of a mental breakdown, suffering from a serious bout of clinical depression, this after he loses his controlling interest in Ewing Oil to arch enemy and rival Cliff, Luckily, for Sly, J.R., realizing that James was behind the plot to have him "put away", and considering her loyalty to hm he asks to have her back as his secretary, which she accepts.

    Returning to Dallas in Dallas:J.R. Returns, in 1996 after having left the area five years earlier, Sly, after getting a phone call from J.R., who's now running WestStar Oil, asking her return to be his secretary again, Sly, with her marriage having recently ended, readily accepts, only to see him resort to his old ways, as he fakes his own death in order to get some cyber byte shares left to son John Ross by Jock. This being the final straw in her having to any more of his dirty work, and having now having their relationship become romantic, as well as business, she quits, or he fires her (as he would describe the situation), as she leaves Ewing Oil again, this time for good.

    External linksEdit

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