Sheriff Washburn Dallas
Barry corbin as Sheriff Washburn on the CBS-TV series "Dallas".
Sheriff Fenton Washburn
Occupation: Sheriff, Dallas County, 1978-1984 (?)
About: Was on the take, as he was often bribed by the Ewings to overlook some of their business practices, but still would exert his authority on them when any ran afoul of the law
Played by: Barry Corbin
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 9 in Seasons 3-7

Sheriff Fenton Washburn appears in nine episodes of the CBS-TV series Dallas,beginning with the Season 3 episode "Love and Marriage". The part of Sheriff Washburn is played by Barry Corbin.

About Sheriff WashburnEdit

Sheriff Washburn could definitely classify as your stereotypical big-bellied Texas sheriff. Although the Ewings had him in their back pocket, Washburn didn’t hesitate to exert his authority when the family ran afoul of the law: He arrested Jock Ewing for the murder of old buddy and early business partner Hutch McKinney, hauled J.R. in for questioning in Kristin Shepard’s death and threatened to arrest Sue Ellen for manslaughter after the car accident that paralyzed Mickey Trotter.[1] He responded slowly when Miss Ellie was kidnapped, which might explain why the next time the Ewings needed the police, there was a new sheriff in town: Sheriff Burnside (Ken Swofford). [1]


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