Ken Swofford as Sheriff Burnside
Ken Swofford as Sheriff Burnside
Sheriff Burnside
Occupation: Sheriff, Dallas County, 1978-1984 (?)
About: Dedicated and honest law enforcement official, unlike his predecessor, Sheriff Washburn who at times, was on the take
Played by: Ken Swofford
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 4 in Seasons 12

Sheriff Burnside appears in four episodes of the CBS-TV series Dallas,beginning with the Season 12 episode "War and Love and the Whole Damned Thing". The part of Sheriff Burnside is played by Ken Swofford.

About Sheriff BurnsideEdit

Sheriff Burnside, who replaced Sheriff Fenton Washburn (Barry Corbin) as Dallas County Sheriff, apparently seems to be a more honest and reputable sort, compared to his predecessor, who always seemed to look the other way when investigations into the Ewings, namely J.R.'s, business pratices, came under investigative scrutiny; like his predecessor, he is dedicated to performing his duties whenever a serious crime happens, and anyone being investigated, including the Ewings, are implicated. [1]


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