Howard Duff as Senator O'Dell
Howard Duff as Senator O'Dell
Henry Harrison O'Dell
Occupation: Member, U.S. Senate
About: Long time friend of Jock Ewing; gets enlisted by Bobby in legally reclaiming the Ewing Oil trademark for the family
Played by: Howard Duff
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 2 in Season 11

Senator Henry Harrison O'Dell appears in two episodes of the original Dallas TV series on CBS titled "Never Say Never" and "Last of the Good Guys". The part of Dave is played by Howard Duff.

About HenryEdit

To reclaim the Ewing Oil name, Bobby turned to Jock’s old friend O’Dell, a powerful senator who was eager to help – but only if Bobby agreed to buy him a retirement castle in Scotland. (It turned out O’Dell wasn’t fond of the unnamed state he represented, which he called a “mosquito-infested swamp.”) Bobby was reluctant to play O’Dell’s game until Kay told him that’s how Washington works. In the end, Bobby got the Ewing Oil name back, O’Dell got his castle – and hopefully, the senator’s constituents got a more honorable representative.



External linksEdit

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