Senator Dave Culver
Tom Fuccello as Dave
Senator Dave Culver
Occupation: Member, U.S. Senate, Texas state legislature
About: Always keeps the Ewings aware of the goings on on Capitol Hill, and how it affects Ewing Oil;Pushes through health care reform bill
Spouse(s): Luanne Culver
Played by: Tom Fuccello
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 35 in Seasons 3-14

Senator David "Dave" Culver, the son of Texas oilman/politician Sam Culver, first appears in the Season 3 episode of the original Dallas TV series on CBS titled "Love and Marriage"; he appears in a total of 35 in the series. The part of Dave is played by Tom Fuccello.

About DaveEdit

Dave, who followed in the career footsteps of his dad, political legend Sam Culver, pushed through a health-care reform bill as a member of the Texas State Legislature, but once he moved to the U.S. Senate, his main duty seemed to be flying home to tell the Ewings about the doings in Washington.

Interestingly, the family never seemed to mind that Dave recruited Jock for his ill-fated mission to South America. This might be because the senator was one of the Ewings’ most reliable matchmakers: Dave introduced stepmom Donna to Andrew Dowling and hooked Bobby up with Kay Lloyd. [1]


External linksEdit

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