Norman Alden as Senator Bill Orloff
Norman Alden as Senator Orloff
Senator "Wild Bill" Orloff
Occupation: U.S. Senator, Texas
About: Is bribed by the Ewings, namely J.R. and Jock, to get Cliff Barnes, a state investigator, to direct his attention from Ewing Oil; decides to resign when local news leaks speak of a file of transcripts of meetings between he and Jock
Spouse(s): Dorothy Orloff
Children: ????
Other relatives: Nancy Orloff Cole (niece)
Councilman Martin Cole (nephew in-law)
Played by: Norman Alden
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: "Spy in the House" (Season 1, Ep.#3)

Senator "Wild Bill" Orloff appeared in the Season 1 episode of the CBS-TV series Dallas titled "Spy in the House". The part of Senator Orloff is played in the episode by veteran character actor Norman Alden.

About Senator OrloffEdit

In his only series appearance, Senator Orloff and Jock are seen playing pool and sharing a few drinks as they they talk about Cliff Barnes, who's a prosecuting attorney and a state investigator, who is running an investigation on Ewing Oil and its corrupt business practices, which could not only, if leaked to the press, could put not only the corporation in dire straits legally, but coulld also bring criminal charges against prominent people in it, namely J.R., and Jock as well, as Jock is able to cut still another deal with the senator to keep things quiet on the investigation front in diverting the attention of Barnes'away from the company.

When Orloff learns that Cliff has got the goods on Ewing Oil through the transcripts of the conversations Jock and J.R. had with him through Julie Grey, J.R.'s secretary and longtime mistress, with whom he has also been having romantic liasions with, he decides, with a strong insistence from Bobby, whom he had a talk with about the leak,  to resign from his Senatorial job on ethical grounds, to save face. When Cliff learns that Orloff resigned. He is crushed and becomes dispondent, as he was using Orloff to get into the Ewing can of worms, but failed, as Orloff resigned from his seat. But he and Dorothy kept their house.

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