Dallas (1978) Season 8 DVD cover

DVD cover for Season 8 of the CBS-TV series "Dallas".

The eighth season of the CBS television series Dallas aired on during the 1984–85 TV season.


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In addition to several guest actors continuing to appear on the show, Burke Byrnes (Pete Adams) is added to the cast, and William Smithers (Jeremy Wendell) returns after a two-year absence. Additionally, Fredric Lehne (Eddie Cronin) and Kathleen York (Betty Cronin) appear in a major story-arc, although neither of them will return for subsequent seasons.

Season 8 (1984-85)Edit

Season 8 episodes
Image Episode Title Written by Directed by Original Airdate # in series
Image Needed 1 "Killer at Large" Arthur Bernard Lewis Leonard Katzman September 28, 1984 162
BAfton discovers Bobby's body in J.R.'s office and calls an ambulance. J.R. is not worried when Ray tells him that Randolph is back in Dallas. When he learns about Bobby's shooting, J.R. assumes that

she was the target, not Bobby. Cliff learns that he has struck oil. Katherine is in shock when she hears Bobby is recovering. Bobby is left blind by the bullet wound. Marilee is angry at J.R. because he talked her out of partnering with Cliff. Randolph tries to shoot J.R. but misses and he is then taken into custody as the suspected shooter, but when he is cleared by police, Bobby and J.R. realize that the real shooter is still at large.

Image Needed 2 "Battle Lines" Leonard Katzman Nick Havinga October 6, 1984 163
Bobby tells Donna and Ray that his office phone was bugged. Bobby tells Jenna that he won't marry her unless he regains his sight. Cliff tells Sly that he wants her to continue spying on J.R., but

Sly goes back and reports everything to J.R. for whom she is really spying. Pam tells Bobby that Katherine wrote the letter that prompted their divorce. Donna moves into Bobby's office to handle his interests while he's in the hospital, which makes J.R. furious. Clayton learns of Bobby's shooting but promises not to tell Miss Ellie until they come back from their honeymoon. Cliff is arrested for the attempted murder of Bobby after the police find the gun in his townhouse.

Image Needed 3 "If At First You Don't Succeed" David Paulsen Leonard Katzman October 12, 1984 164
J.R. tells Bobby about Cliff's arrest and confesses that he set up Cliff and Randolph. Pam tells J.R. she plans to help Cliff ruin him. Bobby decides to have risky surgery to restore his vision. Lucy takes a waitress job at the restaurant where her mother once worked. Mandy Winger identifies Cliff in a police lineup as the man she was with at the time of Bobby's shooting. Katherine reacts strongly to a radio report that Cliff was cleared of charges. Harv Smithfield informs the Ewings that Jock's estranged brother,

Jason Ewing, has died of an apparent heart attack in Alaska. Katherine enters Bobby's hospital room to give him an injection.

Image Needed 4 "Jamie" David Paulsen Nick Havinga October 19, 1984 165
TKatherine is just about to give Bobby a fatal injection when he wakes up and begins to scream. The noise brings J.R. back into Bobby's room where he is able to stop Katherine from killing Bobby.

Katherine admits to having tried to kill Bobby and is hauled off to jail. Bobby's sight returns and a week later he is back at Ewing Oil. Donna tells Bobby she's invested some of her own money in a small oil company, but hasn't told Ray yet. J.R. explains why he bugged Bobby's phone. Ray discovers Lucy's waitress job at the restaurant, but she swears him to secrecy. Jamie Ewing comes to Southfork and announces that she's the daughter of Jock's recently deceased brother

Image Needed 5 "Family" Leonard Katzman Leonard Katzman October 26, 1984 166
Jamie tells the Ewings that her father died penniless and that she also has a brother. J.R. wants proof that Jamie is really a Ewing. Bobby tells J.R. that he can't get Pam off his mind. Cliff agrees to consider an offer by Jeremy Wendell that involves Weststar's acquisition of Barnes Wentworth Oil. Jenna is puzzled when Jamie tells her that Jason liked Jenna's

father, which contradicts Jenna's impression that the two men hated each other. Pam and Jackie are mystified when they spot Mark's car outside the Barnes Wentworth offices.

Image Needed 6 "Shadow of a Doubt" Leonard Katzman Nick Havinga November 2, 1984 167
Wanting to prevent a powerful

union between Weststar and Barnes Wentworth, J.R. tells Sly to confirm Cliff's mistaken suspicions that he is behind the offer. Pam learns that the preservation of Mark's possessions is required until his estate is settled. Bobby is ready to make wedding plans with Jenna. Cliff rejects Wendell's offer. Pam receives flowers with a card saying that they are from Mark, which makes her believe he is indeed alive. Or is he?

Image Needed 7 "Homecoming" Arthur Bernard lewis Gwen Arner November 9, 1984 168
J.R. complains to Bobby about

losing three employees to Barnes Wentworth Oil and expresses concern about the potentially formidable Cliff/Pam alliance. Bobby wants to take down Jock's picture before Miss Ellie and Clayton return from their honeymoon, but J.R. objects. Pam hires a salvage specialist to search the plane wreckage in hopes of determining Mark's fate. Miss Ellie and Clayton return home. Pam decides to go out with Dave Straton, although she still thinks he is more concerned with the Weststar merger. Eddie Cronin, a customer at the restaurant where Lucy works, discovers that Lucy is a Ewing. Ellie begins to realize that Clayton is sensitive to the symbols of her life with Jock.

Image Needed 8 "Oil Baron's Ball III" David Paulsen Michael Preece November 16, 1984 169
Unable to handle her role as

J.R.'s spy, Sly requests a few months off from work. Bobby fails to persuade Pam to abandon the salvage mission and accept Mark's death. Miss Ellie treats Clayton to a night at a hotel and later surprises him with new bedroom furniture. Cliff fears Pam is headed for a nervous breakdown. J.R. spots Mandy at the Oil Baron's Ball and wants to meet her. He is later surprised to see Mandy with Cliff. J.R. announces that Bobby and Jenna will marry in a month and Pam is devastated by the news.

Image Needed 9 Shadows" David Paulsen Gwen Arner December 23, 1984 170
When Bobby verbally attacks J.R. for announcing the wedding date at the Oil Baron's Ball, J.R. swears it wasn't his intention to embarrass Pam. Miss Ellie sees that Clayton is still uneasy about Jock. J.R. hires a private detective to investigate Mandy. Donna suggests that Miss Ellie remove Jock's portrait. She does, saying it now belongs at Ewing Oil. Lucy agrees to go on a date with Eddie.
Image Needed 10 "Charlie" Leonard Katzman Michael Preece November 30, 1983 171
Bobby advises Jenna to tell

Charlie that Naldo Marchetta is her father. Jamie promises Sue Ellen that she will consider taking a job at Ewing Oil. Cliff is convinced that J.R. and Wendell have joined forces to ruin him. Ray tells Donna about Lucy's job as a waitress. Charlie disappears and Marchetta is under suspicion. J.R. introduces himself to Mandy. Cliff, hearing that J.R. has made a pass at Mandy, encourages her to accept J.R.'s advances and spy for him. Ray finds Charlie asleep in her horse's stall. Charlie later tells Jenna and Bobby that she was confused when she saw her birth certificate naming Bobby as her father.

Image Needed 11 "Barbecue Five" Arthur Bernard Lewis Gwen Arner December 7, 1984 172
With Cliff's approval, Mandy

keeps a lunch date with J.R.. Pam visits Mandy's psychic who states that Mark is alive. Cliff confronts Wendell regarding the deal with J.R., but Wendell suggests that Cliff is paranoid and denies that J.R. was behind the merger offer. Marchetta announces that he intends to re-marry Jenna. Ray goes to the barbecue alone when Donna's business matters prevent her from attending. J.R. is pleased when he realizes that Mandy has provided a new "pipeline" to Cliff's head. When J.R. orders Jamie off the ranch, she produces a legal document stating that Ewing Oil is jointly owned by Jock, her father and Digger Barnes.

Image Needed 12 "Do You Take This Woman..." Leonard Katzman Michael Preece December 14, 1984 173
JEddie seduces Lucy in a deserted stable. J.R. and Bobby decide to buy the Weststar fields after reading a favorable report. J.R. tells Mandy he hopes Cliff becomes preoccupied with proving Jamie's document is legal so he can move in and destroy Barnes Wentworth Oil. Mandy passes on J.R.'s thoughts to Cliff. Jenna is panic stricken when she learns that Marchetta has picked up Charlie from school. Jenna doesn't show up for her wedding ceremony. Later, Bobby and J.R. find a note at Jenna's house saying that she can't marry Bobby because she loves someone else.
Image Needed 13 "Deja Vu" David Paulsen Leonard Katzman December 21, 1984 174
J.R. and Bobby plan to search for Jenna, who they believe has run away with Marchetta. Cliff tells Mandy that he doesn't want Bobby and Pam to reconcile any more than J.R. does. Pam must hide her

happiness at the news of Bobby's cancelled wedding. Cliff and J.R. agree to work individually to keep Pam and Bobby apart. Marchetta tells Jenna that Charlie is on a plane to Rome and that she now must do what he says if she wants to get her back. J.R. pays off a charter pilot, Gerald Kane, to mislead Pam into searching for Mark in the Caribbean. Jenna and Marchetta marry as Bobby looks on from across the street.

Image Needed 14 "Odd Man Out" Arthur Bernard Lewis Larry Hagman December 28, 1984 175
J.R. tries to console Bobby about Jenna's marriage to Marchetta. Mandy tells Cliff that she likes J.R. and pretends to be teasing though she really may be serious. J.R. tells Bobby that Pam doesn't care about him because she's obsessed with finding Mark. Jenna, being held captive by Marchetta, tries to call Bobby for help. Jenna follows Marchetta into a dimly lit room and a man's hand goes over her face. A dazed Jenna, with gun in hand is cornered by police as she spots Marchetta, who lies dead on the floor nearby.
Image Needed 15 "Lockup in Laredo" David Paulsen Patrick Duffy January 5, 1985 176
The Ewings are informed that

Jenna has been arrested in Laredo for murdering Marchetta. Bobby visits Jenna who tells him that Charlie may be in Rome. Jenna pleads not guilty to the murder charge, but the judge refuses to release her on bail. Pam continues to search the clinics in the Caribbean for Mark. Eddie agrees to consider Lucy's suggestion that they become partners in a construction project. Jenna's attorney, Scotty Demerest, questions her and she says she may have been chloroformed. Jamie sees J.R. cuddling with Serena during lunch. Sue Ellen hears Jamie blasting J.R. for his behavior with Serena, and Jamie announces that she may use her document dividing Ewing Oil after all.

Image Needed 16 "Winds of War" Leonard Katzman Leonard Katzman January 11, 1985 177
Demerest tells Bobby that a full set of Jenna's fingerprints were found on the gun that killed Marchetta. Marchetta's accomplice, Veronica, calls and arranges to meet Bobby in California to discuss Charlie's release. Bobby later learns that she wants $50,000 and he agrees to pay it. An entry in Sam Culver's journal indicates that an agreement was signed dividing ownership of Ewing Oil between Jock, Digger and Jason. Sue Ellen tells J.R. that she wants them to have separate bedrooms. Cliff realises that J.R. has been wooing Mandy in order to transmit false information to him. Cliff wins over Jamie who agrees to help him defeat J.R..
Image Needed 17 "Bail Out" David Paulsen Michael Preece January 25, 1985 178
Mandy hangs up on J.R. as he

tries to make a date with her. She later confronts J.R. for using her against Cliff, but J.R. reminds her that she's guilty of the same crime. Jenna is released on bail and moves into the Southfork guest house. Bobby wants to quietly marry her but Jenna can't think of marriage until the trial is over. Eddie is upset by Ray's suggestions for the apartment building specs. Pam confesses that she was only going to marry Mark because he was terminally ill. Gerald Kane meets with Pam to tell her that J.R. paid him to trick her into looking for Mark.

Image Needed 18 "Legacy of Hate" Arthur Bernard Lewis Robert Becker February 1, 1985 179
Pam joins forces with Cliff and Jamie to destroy

Ewing Oil. Bobby is concerned by his rekindled feelings for Pam. Mandy feels guilty over sleeping with J.R. and continuing to spy for Cliff. Cliff's lawyer feels the document will withstand scrutiny in the trial to divide Ewing Oil. Lucy is blinded by her desire to please Eddie. Mandy decides she doesn't want anything to do with Cliff or J.R.. Bobby, J.R. and Miss Ellie are served with summons to a hearing attempting to freeze all Ewing Oil assets.

Image Needed 19 "Sins of the Father" Leonard Katzman Larry Hagman February 8, 1985 180
Mandy is still not sure that

she's over Cliff, but tells J.R. to call her in a few days. Cliff wins a small victory when the judge temporarily grants an injunction against Ewing Oil. A worried J.R. meets with Carl Hardesty, who previously set up dummy holding corporations for him. Cliff's victory is short-lived when the judge rescinds the injunction. Demerest tells Bobby and Jenna that Jenna's prints were on the murder weapon. Cliff finds Brindle's copy of the document confirming that Jock gave Digger one-third of Ewing Oil.

Image Needed 20 "The Brothers Ewing" David Paulsen Patrick Duffy February 15, 1985 181
Cliff basks in the triumph of

acquiring Digger's copy of the document. J.R. craves compassion from Sue Ellen, but she has no sympathy for him. Ray escorts Brindle to the airport with instructions from J.R. to call if he remembers anything else about the agreement. Pam convinces Sue Ellen to join her in Hong Kong, where Pam will continue her search for Mark. Eddie tells Betty that Lucy is just a nice kid with a lot of money.

Image Needed 21 "Shattered Dreams" Arthur Bernard Lewis Nick Havinga February 22, 1985 182
J.R. confides in Mandy about the hurt he feels due to the split amongst the family. Donna and Ray argue over J.R.'s tactics to save Ewing Oil. A frightened Veronica Robinson agrees to testify at

Jenna's trial. Pam confesses that she still has strong feelings for Bobby. J.R. meets with Conrad Buckhouser about converting some of his assets to cash which will be placed in a Swiss bank account. Lucy is shocked when she learns that Eddie is romancing both her and Betty. Cliff tries to win points with Jamie by offering her a job at Barnes-Wentworth Oil. Bobby and Jenna discover the dead body of Veronica in the airplane lavatory.

Image Needed 22 "Dead Ends" Leonard Katzman Michael Preece March 1, 1985 183
Pam and Sue Ellen take in all the local color at a Hong Kong outdoor market during their search for Mark. Jamie is hired at Barnes-Wentworth Oil as a resident expert on cold-weather drilling. Pam

learns that the patient, who she believes is Mark, doesn't want to see anyone. Eddie apologizes for hurting Lucy. Donna tries to understand Ray's motivation for throwing in with J.R. J.R. and Cliff come to blows over Mandy at a party. Donna strikes oil.

Image Needed 23 "Trial and Error" David Paulsen Larry Hagman March 8, 1985 184
During her trial, the D.A.

promises to put Jenna behind bars for her crime. Pam suspects J.R. is behind her wild goose chase to Hong Kong. Bobby receives a subpoena to testify for the prosecution. Pam accepts the fact that Mark is dead. Due to the building pressures at home, Donna tells Miss Ellie that she's decided to move out of her house.

Image Needed 24 "The Verdict" David Paulsen Patrick Duffy March 15, 1985 185
Bobby prepares for his trip to

L.A. to convince Veronica's sister to testify for Jenna. Ewing 17 has been shut down by the Texas Energy Commission due to the oil seepage into the drinking water. Ray attempts to convince Donna to come home. Veronica's sister gives Bobby a letter to read in court. J.R. welcomes Sue Ellen home, but realizes things are still strained between them. Jenna is found innocent of murder, but guilty of manslaughter.

Image Needed 25 "Sentences" Arthur Bernard Lewis Michael Preece March 29, 1985 186
JBobby vows to get Jenna out of jail. J.R. blackmails a member of the Texas Energy Commission to guarantee his future cooperation with them. Cliff and Jamie admit their mutual attraction. When

Jenna is sentenced to seven years, Bobby comes forward and says he's Charlie's father to prevent her from becoming a ward of the state. Sue Ellen is humiliated by J.R.'s public flaunting of his affair with Mandy. Sue Ellen threatens to divorce J.R.. J.R. tells an upset Pam that Bobby claimed to be Charlie's father as a precautionary measure. Cliff is furious when he learns that his Tract 340 has been shut down due to leakages. Jenna tells Bobby she wants him to be free.

Image Needed 26 "Terms of Estrangement" Peter Dunne Alexander Singer April 12, 1985 187
J.R. plans to reunite Pam and

Bobby, hoping that she would no longer side with Cliff in the fight against Ewing Oil. J.R. is upset when he sees Mandy giving her phone number to someone. While viewing a tape from Veronica's flight, Bobby, Ray and Norman notice a man putting drugs in her drink. J.R. agrees to meet a man who says he has valuable information about the Ewing Oil lawsuit, but he wants 10 percent of Ewing Oil in return for the information. J.R. insults Sue Ellen which only makes her more determined to survive in the marriage. Cliff gives Jamie an engagement ring. Lucy receives an answer to her letter from Mitch. Jenna's case is re-opened. Jamie's brother Jack comes to Dallas.

27 "The Ewing Conmection" Arthur Bernard lewis Nick Havinga April 19, 1985 188
J.R. presents the deal to be made with Jack to Bobby and Ray. If his information is valid, Bobby and J.R. will split Jack's request for 10 percent of Ewing Oil. Lucy is excited about her visit to see Mitch. Jack reveals himself to J.R., Bobby and Ray as Jason's son. Donna tells Miss Ellie that divorce is the only answer for her and Ray. John Ross stays home from

school with a slight temperature. Later, when he passes out, Clayton and Miss Ellie rush him to the hospital. The diagnosis is appendicitis. J.R. verbally abuses Sue Ellen for being a bad mother and she turns to her alcohol for comfort.

Image Needed 28 "Deeds and Misdeeds" David Paulsen Michael Preece May 3, 1985 189
J.R. is secretly pleased that Sue Ellen is drinking again. Pam loans Cliff money when he has a cash flow problem after his wells are shut down. J.R. assures Mandy that Sue Ellen will soon be out of his life and Southfork. Jack tells the Ewings that a man named Windham can verify that Cliff and Jamie have no legal claim to Ewing Oil. Cliff and Jamie get married by a Justice of the Peace. Lucy and Mitch reflect on why their marriage failed. Donna doesn't get the chance to tell Ray that she's pregnant.
Image Needed 29 "Deliverance" Peter Dunne Nick Havinga May 10, 1985 190
Bobby and a police detective

interrogate the uncooperative hit man who maintains his innocence. J.R. deliberately fuels Cliff's determination to proceed with the lawsuit. Cliff suspects that J.R. and Jack are working together. Pam and Bobby declare their love for each other. Donna and Ray have another fight and she doesn't tell him that she's pregnant. Bobby formulates a plan to make the killer confess. Mitch asks Lucy to move in with him. A decision is rendered regarding Ewing Oil. J.R. wants to institutionalize Sue Ellen

for her drinking problem.

Image Needed 30 "Swan Song" Leonard Katzman Leonard katzman May 17, 1985 191
Sue Ellen gets drunk at the Ewing victory party. Donna tells Ray about her pregnancy. J.R. reassures Mandy that the problem with Sue Ellen will be resolved. Bobby is confused about who he should marry. Sue Ellen assures Clayton and Miss Ellie that she has stopped drinking. Mitch and Lucy re-marry. Cliff considers an annulment of his marriage to Jamie. Dusty re-appears. J.R. asks Sue Ellen to agree to end their marriage. Bobby proposes to Pam, and she accepts. Jamie surprises Cliff during their conversation about an annulment. As Bobby leaves Pam's house, a car drives straight towards her; Bobby pushes Pam out of the way and the car hits him; the car crashes and the driver is revealed to be Katherine Wentworth, who is dead. With Pam, Jenna, J.R., Miss Ellie, Clayton, Ray and Donna at his hospital bedside, Bobby dies of massive internal injuries.

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