Dallas (1978) Seasons 1 and 2 DVD cover

DVD cover for Seasons 1 & 2 of the CBS-TV series "Dallas".

For new Dallas, see Dallas (second series) - Season 2.

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The season season of the CBS-TV series Dallas is made up of 24 episodes. This is the first full season. The episodes aired from fall of 1978 to the spring of 1979.

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Notable guest starsEdit

Several long running Dallas cast members debut during the second season. Most notably Susan Howard, who became a series regular in season five, made her first appearance as Donna Culver. Additionally, Don Starr (Jordan Lee), Fern Fitzgerald (Marielee Stone), Paul Sorensen (Andy Bradley), Robert Ackerman (Wade Luce), Sherill Lynn Rettino (Jackie Dugan), Barbara Babcock (Liz Craig), James Brown (Harry McSween), Karlene Crockett (Muriel Gillis), John Zaremba (Dr. Harlen Danvers), and Meg Gallagher (Louella Caraway Lee) all appeared for the first time. Also: after several short-lived casting attempts, Jeanna Michaels finally joined the cast as Connie Brasher, Bobby's secretary, becoming the final and longest lasting actress in the role.

David Ackroyd and Joan Van Ark appeared as Lucy's parents Gary and Valene Ewing. In 1979, both characters returned in their own series, Dallas spinoff Knots Landing, with Ted Shackleford replacing Ackroyd, and continued to appear in Dallas until the mid '80s. Colleen Camp appeared as Kristin Shepard, a character recast by Mary Crosby the following year, receiving an "also starring" billing. Morgan Fairchild appeared as the first actress to play Jenna Wade, portrayed by series regular Priscilla Presley in later seasons, and Laurie Lynn Myers appeared as Jenna's daughter Charlie, later portrayed by Shalane McCall. Martha Scott appeared in one sole episode as Patricia Shepard, but returned for recurring episodes during seasons 3 and 9.


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  • Note: Tina Louise is first credited as Guest Star after the opening credits, the following episode with Also Starring status.

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Season 2 (1978-79)Edit

Season 2 episodes
Image Episode Title Written by Directed by Original Airdate # in Series
Dallas TOS episode 2x2 - Gary's Return 1 "Reunion: Part I" David Jacobs Irving J. Moore September 23, 1978 6
Welcome home, Gary. Don't let the dorr hit you on the way out. Lucy's parents - Ewing sibling Gary and his wife Valene - return to Southfork, setting in motion J.R.'s scheme to drive them off the ranch.
Reunion 2x2 - Drunken Digger 2 "Reunion: Part II" David Jacobs Irving J. Moore September 30, 1978 7
J.R. lends Gary a hand in business - that's what family is for, right? It's all part of the oil scion's scheme to run his brother out of town. Digger disavows daughter pam because she married Bobby Ewing. A drunken Digger, after another binge, storms onto Southfork, demanding "payment" for Pam, which Jock obliges by tossing him a $100 bill.
Dallas TOS episode 2x3 - Jenna and Bobby 3 "Old Accquaintance" Camille Marchetta Alex March October 7, 1978 8
Bobby's old flame Jenna resurfaces, giving Pam reason to think that perhaps the embers are still burning...and giving J.R. an angle that could be a way to rid the Ewing household of Pam.
Dallas TOS episode 2x4 - Jock's heart attack 4 "Bypass" Arthur Bernard Lewis Corey Allen October 14, 1978 9
The cardiac crisis of Ewing partriarch Jock brings some perspective to the megabuck ways of the Ewings. But J.R.'s heart remains as stony as ever as he manipulates events to his favor at Ewing Oil.
Dallas TOS episode 2x5 - Black Market Baby 5 "Black Market Baby" Darlene Craviotto Lawrence Dobkin October 15, 1978 10
Money can't buy love, but it can perhaps obtain a baby for Sue Ellen Ewing. Eager to provide an heir, she secretly agrees to purchase the child of an unmarried mother-to-be.
Dallas TOS episode 2x6 - Pam's ex shows up 6 "Double Wedding" Jim inman & Arthur B. Lewin Paul Stanley October 21, 1978 11
One thing Pam never told Bobby: she was previously hitched! Her former Mr., Ed Haynes (Robin Clarke), a US Army Vietnam War vet and former POW, resurfaces, saying the marriage was never legally ended - a compromising situation that draws J.R.'s interest.
Dallas TOS episode 2x7 - Runaway - Lucy takes with Willie Guest 7 "Runaway" Worley Thorne Barry Crane October 28, 1978 12
They're throwing a party, she's throwing a tantrum. Upset that her mother is barred form her birthday bash, Lucy flees from Southfork and mistakenly becomes the accomplice and hostage of a con man.
Dallas TOS episode 2x8 - Cliff's Campaign 8 "Election" Rena Down Barry Crane Novembr 5, 1978 13
The Pamela/J.R. rift grows. While she seeks to help her brother Cliff's campaign for political office, J.R. mounts a disinformation campaign targeting Cliff's sexual history.
Dallas TOS episode 2x9 - Bobby and J.R. survive plane crash 9 "Survival" D.C. & Richard Fontana Irving J. Moore November 12, 1978 14
Mayday! J.R. and Bobby struggle to survive after their plane crashes into a swamp. Meanwhile, the Ewing women cling to hope while facing the what ifs? of life without the two oil titans.
Dallas TOS - Episode 2x10 - Sue Ellen's dilemma 10 "Act of Love" Leonard Katzman Corey Allen November 19, 1978 15
Is the Ewing heir a Ewing? Sue Ellen sees a lot of Cliff Barnes while J.R. is away, but does that mean Cliff is the father of her unborn child? Pamela lets Bobby know she has her own career ideas.
Dallas TOS - Episode 2x11 - Garrett McGee gets chummy with JR 11 "Triangle" Camille Marchetta Vincent McEveety November 26, 1978 16
Three's a crowd. Ranch foreman Ray seeks hot-blooded vengeance when he find J.R. with the C&W songstress Ray fancies. Lucy aims to use her Ewing connections to bankroll her singing career.
Dallas TOS - Episode 2x12 - Bobby and college pal Guzzler Bennett 12 "Fallen Idol" Arthur Bernard Lewis Vincent McEveety December 3, 1978 17
The business of America is business. The business of the Ewings is more business. Bobby forms a construction firm with a college pal. Their proposed first project: a shopping mall...on Southfork.
Dallas TOS - Episode 2x13 - Bobby is Kidnapped 13 "Kidnapped" Camille Marchetta Lawrence Dobkin December 17, 1978 18
Kidnap J.R., collect the ransom, lie low and get instantly rich: what could go wrong? the answer is plenty when the abductors mistakenly take Bobby and subsequently face a rescue effort led by J.R.
Dallas TOS - Episode 2x14 - Garrison talking with Sue Ellen 14 "Home Again" Arthur Bernard Lewis Don McDougail January 7, 1979 19
Hello, Garrison. Goodbye, inheritance? J.R.'s vemon level rises when Garrison, Ellie's long presumed-dead brother and the rightful heir to Southfork, arrives at the ranch.
Image Needed 15 "For Love or Money" Leonard Katzman Irving J. Moore January 14, 1979 20
It's over. Done. Time to get a new life. J.R.'s philandering causes Sue Ellen to move in with here mother and sister - and again to seek solace (and perhaps a little revenge) in the arms of the man J.R. loathes.
Image Needed 16 "Julie's Return" Rena Down Les Martinson January 26, 1979 21
Jock's family treats him like an invaild. His former secretary Julie treats him like a friend. But suspicions abound that because fo the company secrets Julie knows, much more than a friendship is involved.
Image Needed 17 "The Red File (Part I)" Arthur Bernard Lewis Leonard Katzman February 2, 1979 22
Julie Grey knows where the Ewing Oil skeletons are hidden, and she wants to share that information with Cliff. But Julie ends up tragically dead. And J.R. twists the facts to pin her death on Cliff.
Image Needed 18 "The Red File (Part II)" Arthur Bernard Lewis Leonard Katzman February 9, 1979 23
Pamela, convinced J.R. framed her brother, leaves Southfork. J.R. must be very happy. But Julie left behind a telltale envelope and key that may unravel J.R. perfect world.
Image Needed 19 "Sue Ellen's Sister" Camille Marchetta Irving J. Moore February 16, 1979 24
With Pam unwilling to return to Southfork, the Shepard sister turns an amorous eye toward Bobby. The romance would be hurtful to pam. So, naturally, J.R. approves of it.
Image Needed 20 "Call Girl" Rena Down Les Martinson February 23, 1979 25
Say cheese! J.R. works behind the scenes to capture a photo of Pamela in what appears to be a three-way love nest. But the false scandal tat he hopes will forever divide Pam and Bobby actually reunites them.
Image Needed 21 "Royal Marriage" Camille Marchetta Gunnar Hellstrom March 9, 1979 26
Do you, Ewing Oil take Mainwaring OIl 'til death do you part? Lucy's engagement to an oil heir bodes well for J.R.'s business -even though he knows the secret that will doom the couple's future.
Image Needed 22 "The Outsiders" Leonard Katzman Dennis Donnelly March 16, 1979 27
Ranch foreman Ray has spent a lifetime yielding to the Ewings. But now he's in love. And the fact that his inamorata is the wife of a powerful politician that J.R. needs as an ally isn't going to stop him.
Image Needed 23 "John Ewing III (Part I)" Camille Marchetta Leonard Katzman March 23, 1979 28
Lucy is popping pills. Sue Ellen is hitting the bottle. Bobby tries to help Lucy defect her personal demons. But J.R. takes the most drastic step, placing his pregant wife in a sanatorium.
Image Needed 24 "John Ewing III (Part II)" Arthur Bernard Lewis Leonard Katzman April 6, 1979 29
Sue Ellen uses a little of the ol' Ewing clout, paying an orderly for booze. She escapes, has a car accident and must have her baby delivered prematurely. Only time and fate will tell if mother or son survives.