Dallas (1978) Season 11 DVD cover

DVD cover for Season 11 of the CBS-TV series "Dallas".

The eleventh season of the CBS television series Dallas first broadcast in the USA during the 1987-1988 TV season.


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Season 11 (1987-88) Edit

Season 11 episodes
Image Episode Title Written by Directed by Original air date # in Series
Image Needed 1 "After the Fall: Ewing Rise" Arthur Bernard Lewis Leonard Katzman September 25, 1987 252
Pam is rushed to the hospital with third-degree burns, leaving Bobby grief-stricken; J.R. starts J.R.E. Industries; Jenna enjoys her new baby; Cliff worries he's let down the memory of Digger.
Image Needed 2 "After the Fall: Digger Redux" David Paulsen Michael Preece September 25, 1987 253
Cliff meets Dandy Dandridge, who reminds him of Digger; J.R. obtains Pam's will to plan in case she dies, while April lends Bobby her support; Sue Ellen is approached with help for her business; Miss Ellie feels Clayton is overexerting himself.
Image Needed 3 "The Son Also Rises" Leah Markus Leonard Katzman October 2, 1987 254
Desperate to see his mother, Christopher runs away; Charlie wants Jenna and Ray to marry; J.R. meets Casey Denault, a potential business partner; Clayton continues to quarrel with Miss Ellie about his activity level.
Image Needed 4 "Gone with the Wind" Mitchell Wayne Katzman Michael Preece October 9, 1987 255
Ray pressures Jenna to allow Bobby to be a part of Lucas's life; J.R. uses Casey to help him rebuild his company; Nicholas tells Sue Ellen that she needs to expand Valentine Lingerie nationally in order for the company to be successful and the two of them travel to L.A. to look at office space; tired of watching Clayton endanger his health, Miss Ellie asks him to leave Southfork; Pam's bandages are removed.
Image Needed 5 "The Lady Vanishes" Leonard Katzman Leonard Katzman October 16, 1987 256
Bobby arrives at the hospital to find that Pam has disappeared; Bobby suspects Katherine may have kidnapped Pam and he and Cliff hire a private investigator to find her; Serena, a former madam and mistress of J.R.'s, comes to Dallas to ask for J.R.'s help for a friend of hers named Walter Hicks, Hicks owns a drilling equipment company and has a 5 million dollar loan due soon for 20 million dollars of inventory he can't sell due to a lull in drilling; in L.A., Nicholas tries convinces Sue Ellen to buy Secret Hours, a lingerie company with coast-to-coast distribution.
Image Needed 6 "Tough Love"" Arthur Bernard Lewis Michael Preece October 23, 1987 257
The news that Pam has left Dallas (and Bobby) devastates both Bobby and Cliff; J.R. secretly takes over Walter's loan from the bank and then forecloses on the loan, cheaply acquiring the inventory; after being left by Walter, Serena is nearly forced back into prostitution until J.R. hires her to dig up dirt on Wilson Cryder, the new head of WestStar; Dandy tells Cliff he owns some land which he believes is loaded with oil; Sue Ellen doesn't have enough money to successfully expand her company, so Nicholas finds her a potential partner; a mysterious blond woman takes an interest in Bobby and Christopher.
Image Needed 7 "Last Tango in Dallas" David Paulsen ]]Jerry Eameson]] October 30, 1987 258
With Pam gone, Charlie is concerned that Jenna will leave Ray for Bobby; the mysterious blond woman introduces herself to Bobby and Christopher as Lisa Alden and tells them that she recently moved to Dallas; Sue Ellen decides not to partner with April and buys Secret Hours on her own; Dandy tells Cliff his land has been tested before with poor results, but Dandy convinces Cliff to go ahead with drilling anyway; Pam sends Bobby a Power of Attorney document giving him control of her Wentworth stock; J.R. learns of the POA document from the PI he hired to find Pam; Ray has a question for Jenna; Clayton has chest pains.
Image Needed 8 "Mummy's Revenge" Mitchell Wayne Katzman Michael Preece November 6, 1987 259
Cliff discovers that Dandy owes years of back-taxes on his land and pays it off acquiring the deed; after hearing that Jenna turned down Ray's proposal, Charlie believes that it's because she is still in love with Bobby; Clayton has an angioplasty; Casey has his hands full with an overly amorous Marilee Stone; Lisa continues to try to get closer to Bobby and Christopher; J.R. has upsetting news for Bobby.
Image Needed 9 "Hustling" Leah Markus Jerry Jameson November 13, 1967 260
Cliff continues to sink money into drilling on Dandy's land with no results; J.R. arranges an 'accidental' meeting with Kimberly Cryder, wife of Wilson Cryder; Bobby signs Pam's divorce papers; Casey dreams of one day making big deals for himself and not other people; while speaking with April, Nicholas is approached by a man who believes Nicholas is Joseph Lombardi from Bensonhurst, Nicholas denies this, but later, an intrigued April hires a PI to investigate Joseph Lombardi.
Image Needed 10 "Bedtime Stories" Michael Preece Leonard Katzman November 20, 1987 261
Bobby decides on a name for his company, Petro Group Dallas; Ray and Jenna announce their engagement; Nicholas is upset that J.R. went to his boss about the way Nicholas is handling Sue Ellen's account; Bobby tells Lisa that he and Christopher need to stop seeing her because Bobby is concerned Christopher is getting too attached to Lisa so soon after Pam leaving; Nicholas calls his father to warn him that someone from the old neighborhood may have recognized him in Dallas; J.R. approaches Bobby with a plan to destroy WestStar Oil; the reason for Lisa's interest in Bobby and Christopher is revealed; J.R. continues to seduce Kimberly Cryder, but she may not be quite the pawn he had imagined.
Image Needed 11 "Lovers and Other Liars" Arthur Bernard Lewis Jerry Jameson November 27, 1987 262
Dandy is upset that Cliff has stopped drilling on his land and later, at gunpoint, forces the crew back to work; J.R. urges April to secretly and slowly buy WestStar stock; Lisa disobeys Bobby's wishes and arranges to meet Christopher; Sue Ellen spies J.R. up to old tricks again; J.R. learns that the largest shareholder of WestStar stock is Dr. Herbert Styles and that he has an unexpected connection to Kimberly.
Image Needed 12 "Brothers and Sons" David Paulsen Michael Preece December 4, 1987 263
The land in East Texas may not contain oil, but it does have a lot of natural gas; Bobby rediscovers his passion for the oil business; Jenna isn't happy with Ray's choice for his best man; J.R. tells Casey about a company he wants Casey to acquire for J.R.E., but Casey considers buying the company for himself; April continues to dig into Nicholas' past; Ray and Jenna's wedding day arrives; Christopher learns he was a new half-brother; Sue Ellen meets Kimberly; Lisa shows up at the Ewing barbecue with legal papers for Bobby.
Image Needed 13  "Brother, Can You Spare a Child?" Leah Markus Patrick Duffy December 11, 1988 264
Nicholas comforts April when she is upset over not being invited the annual Ewing barbecue; Miss Ellie becomes involved in a project for the DOA, leaving Clayton feeling bored; Cliff talks to Miss Ellie about the history between the Barnes and the Ewings; Christopher feels that Bobby doesn't want him anymore, now that he has a biological son; Sue Ellen arranges a dinner date with herself and J.R. and Kimberly and Wilson Cryder; Casey swindles J.R. by buying Brinker Oil for the cartel he has formed and lies to J.R. about not being able to acquire the company for J.R.E.; Lisa threatens to reveal that Bobby bought Christopher from her brother, then confesses feeling guilty to a surprising partner.
Image Needed 14 "Daddy's Little Darlin'" Mitchell Wayne Katzman Larry Hagman December 18, 1987 265
Bobby warns Sue Ellen that his custody suit could rehash a lot of old Ewing dirty laundry; J.R. inadvertently learns from one of Casey's cartel members that Casey cheated him out of Brinker Oil and then sets Casey up to buy a worthless piece of property from him; Cliff tries to buy off Lisa; Clayton is intrigued by a portrait he sees at a gallery; Bobby asks April out to dinner; J.R. meets Dr. Herbert Styles who makes him an interesting proposal.  
Image Needed 15 "It's Me Again" Leonard Katzman Leonard Katzman January 8, 1988 266
J.R. tells Kimberly that he will divorce Sue Ellen and marry her, but she has to divorce Wilson first; Nicholas tells Sue Ellen that he is withdrawing from her account; at J.R. request, Lisa makes friends with Cliff and learns that a farmer will not give Cliff the Right Of Way across his land to attach Cliff's natural gas pipeline to the main line meaning Cliff can't sell his natural gas; Jenna tells Bobby that she still loves him; the man that recognized Nicholas returns to April's restaurant and she questions him about Joseph Lombardi; Clayton meets Laurel Ellis, the woman in the painting he purchased; Ray catches Charlie in the barn with her boyfriend Randy (Brad Pitt); with Sly's help, J.R. buys the farmland Cliff needs.
Image Needed 16 "Marriage on the Rocks" Arthur Bernard Lewis Larry Hagman January 15, 1988 267
Ray wants to be a father to Charlie, but she's not interested; J.R. goes to Cliff with a proposal to bring down WestStar; Nicholas tells Sue Ellen that J.R. has had both April and Sly buying WestStar stock; after hearing that Kimberly has started divorce proceedings against Wilson, J.R. talks to a lawyer about his chances for custody of John Ross should he divorce Sue Ellen; Bobby feels betrayed when he sees Cliff having dinner with Lisa; J.R. gives Nicholas his permission to have an affair with Sue Ellen.
Image Needed 17 "Anniversary Waltz" David Paulsen David Paulsen January 22, 1988 268
J.R. forgives Casey for his betrayal; Nicholas tells Sue Ellen that he doesn't want her to be with him only to get revenge against J.R.; Cliff agrees to J.R.'s proposal and signs over to J.R. the voting rights for the WestStar stock he has bought in return for the Right Of Way over the farmland J.R. purchased; while Miss Ellie works on her DOA project, Clayton continues to spend time with Laurel; Jenna gets upset with Charlie and slaps her; Bobby realizes the truth about J.R.'s involvement with Lisa
Image Needed 18 "Brotherly Love" Leah Markus Linda Gray February 5, 1988 269
Bobby learns that he may be able to get the Ewing Oil name back again; J.R. tells Lisa that he doesn't need her anymore and to leave Dallas; Casey asks Sly out for a date; when Cliff gets his natural gas pipeline hooked up he wants to celebrate, but instead he finds out how empty his life really is; Kimberly is getting tired of waiting for J.R. to leave Sue Ellen.
Image Needed 19 "The Best Laid Plans" Mitchell Wayne Katzman Patrick Duffy February 12, 1988 270
Laurel tells Clayton that he should get back to the man he used to be; Sue Ellen questions Nicholas about J.R.'s ability to take control of WestStar; April is concerned Bobby won't want to see her if he found out about her past relationship with J.R.; Sue Ellen joins forces with Bobby to ensure J.R. never gets Ewing Oil back; J.R. sets Sue Ellen up to catch him with Kimberly; Miss Ellie sees something upsetting; Charlie asks for Bobby's help in dealing with Ray and Jenna, but Ray resents Bobby's interference.
Image Needed 20 "Farlow's Follies" Louella Lee Caraway Steve Kanaly February 19, 1988 271
Ray, Jenna and Charlie agree to put aside their recent difficulties; Clayton decides to go back to work; Sue Ellen's unwillingness to give J.R. a divorce is putting his plan to take over WestStar in jeopardy; Bobby travels to Washington to see about getting back the Ewing Oil name and meets Kay Lloyd, one of Senator Dowling's staff members; Miss Ellie spies Clayton with Laurel again and believes he is having an affair; April reveals a secret to Bobby.
Image Needed 21 "Malice in Dallas" Arthur Bernard Lewis Larry Hagman February 26, 1988 272
Lisa returns to Dallas and renews the custody fight for Christopher; Charlie is skipping school and failing her classes, so Jenna and Ray consider sending her away to boarding school; Clayton isn't having an affair, but more suspicious circumstances convince Miss Ellie that her marriage is in serious trouble; April warns Nicholas that there may be people after him and he visits his parents to tell them that they may have been found out; Kimberly is afraid J.R. won't marry her if he can control of WestStar without her and takes steps to ensure that can't happen; a verdict is rendered in the custody trial.
Image Needed 22 "Crime Story" David Paulsen Patrick Duffy March 4, 1988 273
Lisa goes to Southfork to say goodbye to Christopher; Casey informs J.R. about his meeting with Kimberley; Sue Ellen tells J.R. that she knows exactly what he's been up to; April is frightened when the men looking for Nicholas contact her; Laurel's friend David tries to blackmail Clayton for $50,000 to keep his silence regarding Clayton's alleged affair with Laurel; Bobby continues to get closer to Kay and later tells April that he doesn't think that their relationship should go any further.
Image Needed 23 "To Have and to Hold" Leah Markus Larry Hagman March 11, 1988 274
Two men come April's apartment to 'talk' to her about Joey Lombardi and she tells them that Joey Lombardi is now Nicholas Pearce and where to find him; because of J.R. the price of WestStar stock is dropping and J.R. asks Ray buy some stock to help him take control of the company, but Ray refuses; Ray and Jenna tell Charlie that they want to send her to a Swiss boarding school and she is not happy about it; the mob men are looking for Nicholas' father and Nicholas sets up a ruse to make them believe his parents are dead; Casey opens up to Sly about his father's business dealings with J.R. and his own ambitions; Miss Ellie finally reveals to Clayton her suspicion that he is having an affair.
Image Needed 24 "Dead Reckoning" Mitchell Wayne Katzman David Paulsen March 18, 1988 275
Despite Clayton's vow that he is not having an affair, Miss Ellie tells him that she cannot trust him and asks him to leave Southfork; Jenna decides to accompany Charlie to Switzerland to help her adjust to her new boarding school; Cliff is becoming more and more agitated over all of the money he is losing due to the drop in the price of the WestStar stock J.R. made him buy and he begins to take tranquilizers to help him sleep; an enraged Clayton assaults David after hearing that David lied to Miss Ellie about Clayton having an affair with Laurel; Casey is becoming increasingly tired of working for J.R., but he lacks the money or the connections to really make it big.
Image Needed 25 "Never Say Never" Leonard Katzman Cliff Fenneman April 1, 1988 276
David is dead and Clayton is arrested for murder; Miss Ellie stands by Clayton, but lets him know it's mostly for appearances; with Jenna and Charlie in Switzerland, Ray is feeling lonely in his big empty house, until he meets Connie; Casey goes to Cliff and tells him that they have a lot in common because the way Jock treated Digger is exactly the way J.R. treated Casey's father; Cliff begins to overuse the tranquilizers; Bobby is upset when a senator he meets in Washington asks for a bribe in return for his help to get the right to use the Ewing name back for Bobby; concerned about the added stress the fight for WestStar is putting on the already frail health of her father, Kimberly goes to J.R. and informs him that she will convince her father to back J.R., however, J.R. is not interested in a truce, he wants a total surrender.   
Image Needed 26 "Last of the Good Guys" Arthur Bernard Lewis Michael Preece April 8, 1988 277
Clayton informs Miss Ellie that he doesn't want to continue living at Southfork if it's just for show, but Miss Ellie doesn't want Clayton to leave, she just needs more time; J.R. sets his sights on Laurel; Ray sleeps with Connie, but immediately regrets it; Sue Ellen asks Nicholas to buy her a large amount of WestStar stock; Casey realizes that J.R. will never let him out from under his thumb, so he tries to make a business deal with Cliff; J.R. gets proof that Clayton didn't kill David and he's willing to use it, for a price; Kimberly is surprised to get Sue Ellen's support in the battle for WestStar, but the fight may cost Kimberly something more dear to her.
Image Needed 27 "Top Gun" David Paulsen Michael Preece April 15, 1987 278
Cliff's abuse of tranquilizers is becoming more and more apparent; Bobby is told that he will never get back the Ewing Oil name; Kimberly blames J.R. for her father's death; Nicholas finally confides in Sue Ellen about his past; Connie is not willing to let go of Ray; Bobby is having a difficult time accepting the demands of Kay's career; Clayton is disgusted to learn that J.R. blackmailed Laurel into bed in return for getting the murder charges dropped. The shareholders at WestStar elect a new Chairman of the Board and JR expects to be elected, using the voting rights from April, Cliff and Sly, but is stunned when Sue Ellen arrives at the meeting as a secret shareholder and votes against JR, preventing him from taking over WestStar.
Image Needed 28 "Pillow Talk" Leah Markus Dwight Adair April 29, 1988 279
J.R. is furious with Sue Ellen for siding with Kimberly and voting Jeremy Wendell back as Chairman of WestStar; Sue Ellen leaves Southfork, but J.R. prevents her from taking John Ross; Ray orders a very unstable Connie to stay away from him; J.R. informs Casey that he no longer needs his services; Miss Ellie wants Clayton to be co-owner of Southfork.
Image Needed 29 "Things Ain't Goin' Too Good at Southfork, Again" Mitchell Wayne Katzman Linda Gray May 6, 1988 280
A psychotic Connie tries to stab Ray; Jenna is frightened at what she finds when she returns home from Europe; Cliff informs J.R. that he has sold his natural gas field and his WestStar stock to Jeremy Wendell; Miss Ellie is angry with J.R. for keeping John Ross away from Sue Ellen; Bobby gets the right to use the Ewing Oil name; J.R. is furious after learning that Clayton is now co-owner of Southfork and leaves the ranch; Cliff agrees to give Casey a chance; Bobby and Kay decide to end their relationship because neither is willing to give up their career and move; Lucy returns home.
Image Needed 30 "The Fat Lady Singeth" Leonard Katzman Leonard Katzman May 13, 1988 (US)
June 29, 1988 (UK)
Lucy takes a liking to Casey after he tells her that he hates J.R.; J.R. blackmails Jeremy Wendell and re-acquires the former Ewing Oil assets from WestStar; Jordan Lee tells Cliff that he saw Pam; Jenna forgives Ray and they decide to leave Dallas; a confrontation over John Ross between Nicholas, Sue Ellen and J.R. has a tragic ending. During the fight, JR throws Nicholas over the balcony and Sue Ellen retaliates by shooting J.R.

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