John McIntire as Sam Culver
John McIntire as Sam Culver
Sam Culver
  • Politician, One time Governor of Texas
  • Former Speaker of the House of Texas
  • About: Once conspired with longtime buddy Jock Ewing in a land grab which influenced his uncle's suicide
    Played by:
  • John McIntire in "The Outsiders" (Dallas (first series), Season 2)
  • Josef Rainer in "The Ewing Touch" (Dallas (first series), Season 6)
  • Josef Rainer in Dallas:The Early Years TV movie
  • Sam Culver, the late first husband of Donna Krebbs, appears in three episodes of Dallas. The part of Sam Culver is played in the episodes by John McIntire in the Season 2 episode "The Outsiders", then by Josef Rainer in both the Season 6 episode "The Ewing Touch" and in the 1986 CBS-TV movie special Dallas:The Early Years.

    About Sam CulverEdit

    Sam, a onetime Texas governor and speaker of the house, was one of Texas’s most powerful men. When Cliff Barnes was running the Office of Land Management and putting the screws to the Ewings, J.R. tried to blackmail Donna Culver, Sam’s young bride, into persuading her husband to oust Cliff from his perch. Instead, Donna confessed all to Sam, who forgave his wife and threw his support behind Cliff. Sam’s devotion to Donna was admirable, but he wasn’t perfect: After his death, she discovered Sam and Jock once staged a land grab that resulted in Sam’s uncle’s suicide. [1]


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