Robert Day
Robert Day
Robert Day
General Information
Born: (1922-09-11) September 11, 1922 (age 95)
Birthplace: Sheen, England, UK
Occupation: TV and film director
Years active: 1956-1991
Appeared on/in
(or involved with):
Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in
/involved with:
"Digger's Daughter" (Season 1)
"Spy in the House"(Season 1)
"Bar-B-Que" (Season 1)

Robert Day (born 11 September, 1922) directed three of the first five episodes of the CBS-TV serie Dallas"; the series' pilot, "Digger's Daughter", "Spy in the House", and the season finale "Bar-B-Que". He directed more than 40 films between 1956 and 1991.

Life and careerEdit

Born in Sheen, England, Day worked his way up from clapper boy to camera operator to full-fledged lensman in his native England before giving directing a shot in the mid-1950s. His first film as director, the black-comic The Green Man (1956) for the writer-producer team of Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat, garnered fine reviews and a classic notoriety; using this as a starting point, Day went on to become one of the industry's busiest directors. He relocated to Hollywood in the 1960s and began directing scads of TV episodes and made-for-TV movies on this side of the Atlantic. He occasionally turns up in bits in his own productions, including The Haunted Strangler (1958), Two Way Stretch (1960), the TV mini-series Peter and Paul (1981).

In the 1970s and 1980s, Day would direct episodes for numerous American television shows, including Barnaby Jones, The F.B.I., Dallas, Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, and Matlock.

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