Daniel Pilon as Naldo Marchetta
Daniel Pilon as Marchetta
Renaldo Marchetta
Occupation: Oil tycoon/baron
Marital status: Divorced
About: Villianous sort, similar to J.R. Ewing, who concocts an extortion plot, kidnapping his daughter with ex-wife Jenna, only to have the two reconcile and remarry in leaving Bobby jilted by Jenna
Spouse(s): Jenna Wade, ?-1978 (?), 1985-1987 (divorced)
Parent(s): Not Mentioned
Sibling(s):  ????
Children: Charlotte "Charlie" Wade (daughter)
Played by: Daniel Pilon
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 9 in Seasons 7-8

Renaldo "Naldo" Marchetta, the villianous tycoon ex-husband of Jenna Wade, appears in a total of nine episodes of the CBS-TV series Dallas, in Seasons 7 and 8. the part of Renaldo is played in these episodes by Daniel Pilon.

About RenaldoEdit

In the episode "Charlie" in Season 7, Renaldo, more in trying to use their daughter as ransom in an extortion attempt, kidnaps their daughter. Frantic Jenna drops everything and flees the house, only to run into Naldo. “Our daughter is quite safe. You have nothing to worry about,” he says, as it causes Jenna, who was about to wed Bobby Ewing, to postpone the planned wedding, as first the two, and then Bobby frantically search to find where he's taken their daughter, and now Jenna, who has now apparently reconciled with Naldo,"Charlie" (Season 8, episode #13) eventually marrying him again, instead of Bobby. ("Odd Man Out", Season 8, episode #14), only for the two to divorce again as Jenna marries Ray Krebbs by 1987.

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