Ray Krebbs
Occupation: Former Foreman at Southfork Ranch
Marital status: Unknown
Spouse(s): Donna McCullum Culver (1981-1987)

Jenna Wade (1987-?)

Other Relationships: Pamela Barnes
Lucy Ewing
Garnett McGee
Parent(s): Jock Ewing (father, deceased)
Margaret Krebbs, née Hunter (mother, deceased)
Amos Krebbs (stepfather, deceased)
Miss Ellie Ewing (step-mother, deceased)
Sibling(s): J.R. Ewing (paternal half brother, deceased)
Gary Ewing (paternal half brother)
Bobby Ewing (paternal half brother)
Children: Tony Krebbs (adopted by him and Donna in The Dream Season)
Margaret Krebbs (with Donna)
Lucas Krebbs (stepson, son of Jenna and Bobby, adoptive son)
Other relatives: Lillian Trotter (aunt)
Michael "Mickey" Trotter (cousin, deceased)
Played by: Steve Kanaly

Ray Krebbs is the illegitimate son of Jock Ewing and an army nurse, Margaret Hunter, who he met during World War II.

Early LifeEdit

Little is known of the early life of Ray Krebbs. He lived with his mother, Margaret Krebbs, and her new husband, Amos Krebbs, who he believed to be his father, when his real father was Jock Ewing. When he was fifteen, he came to work at Southfork Ranch. Jock Ewing made him the foreman, unaware that he was his son, but knowing who his mother was.


He married Donna Culver Krebbs in 1981. They adopted a deaf boy named Tony Krebbs after Donna miscarried a child. The adoption and the miscarriage were part of what became known as the "Dream Season." Later, she discovered she was pregnant with Margaret Krebbs after she and Ray separated, but refused to let the pregnancy be the only reason to reconcile. She divorced from Ray when she saw he was getting close to Jenna Wade, and began to build a life in Washington as a lobbyist for Dallas oil independents.

In 1988, Ray married Jenna Wade, who had just given birth to his half-brother Bobby's son Lucas Wade. He adopted Lucas, despite the fact that it caused friction between him and his half-brother. Ray and Jenna moved to Switzerland permanently.

Dallas (2012 TV Series)Edit

Ray returned to Dallas with Lucy Ewing for Christopher's wedding in 2012. He later returned for Bobby's last Barbecue at Southfork. In 2013 when his brother J.R. was killed, he returned to his funeral. Ray was sad by J.R.'s death and he told Bobby that he couldn't believe that his brother was dead. During his funeral he mentioned that he respected J.R. because he made Jock proud like no one else could. He returned in season 3.