Punk Anderson
Morgan Woodward as Punk Anderson
Punk Anderson
Alias/Nickname: Marvin Anderson (birthname)
Occupation: Owner/President, Anderson Oil
About: cronie of J.R. and Jock Ewing and member of The Cartel
Played by: Morgan Woodward
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 55 in Seasons 4-11

Marvin "Punk" Anderson appears in a total of 55 episodes of the CBS-TV series Dallas,beginning with the Season 3 episode "The Venezuelan Connection". The part of Punk is played by Morgan Woodward.

About PunkEdit

A longtime oil man and former wildcatter, Punk was longtime friend to Miss Ellie and Jock Ewing, who is, along with him, a founding member of "The Cartel". A seemingly nice guy, he is no slouch when dealing with his business contacts, as he proves to just as shrewd and cunning as his buddies in the cartel, and probably one of the few which can intimidate and garner the respect of the likes of a J.R., who possibly was an early influence in how to get his way in negotiating deals with those he does business with. Later in the series, Punk serves in more of an advisory role to the Ewings, namely J.R. and Bobby, and also develops a close friendship to Miss Ellie's new husband Clayton Farlow through his longtime friendship with her. Punk is perhaps the snazziest dresser of the male characters on the series, usually sporting Armani suits and Western style Bolo ties, also one of few who can make a combination of either to work with a baby blue suit. Punk eventually retires from the oil business.


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