Josh Bryant as Martin Cole Dallas
Joshua Bryant as Peter Larson
Peter Larson
Occupation: New York City-based advertising agent/Campaign manager
About: Agrees with and influences Cliff, who's running for the Texas State Assembly, to remain honest with his campaign in not accepting big corporate backing
Played by: Joshua Bryant (in guest appearance)
Appears on: Dallas (first series)

Peter Larson is a character who appears in the Season 2 episode of the original Dallas TV series titled "Election". The part of PEter is played in the episode by Joshua Bryant.

About PeterEdit

When Cliff Barnes decides, in his crusade against corporate corruption, namely in corporations such as Ewing Oil (ever more namely, against nemisis J.R. and his cronies in The Oil Cartel, to run for an office position the Texas State Assembly, he swears to keep his own campaign free of any possible corrupt influences, namely any contributions from big business, whic Peter, and New York City based advertising agent, agrees with, much to the assumption of J.R. and Jock, who is financially backing his oppenent, a Martin Cole (Allen Case), who glady accepts the Ewings's help. The two mention his name in consideration for the job as Cole's campaign manager, not realizing that he's already employed by Cliff.

When a Mr. Evans, a representative from another major Dallas based company offers, on behalf of his company, its backing, Peter and Cliff adamantly refuse to accept it, which perhaps costs Cliff the election, as his opponent, Cole, wins in a landslide.

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