Pamela Barnes Ewing †
Occupation: Senior Executive at Barnes-Wentworth Oil
1/3 Owner of Wentworth Tool & Die
Owner of Pam's Aerobics Unlimited (1982-83)
The Store worker (1978-81)
Marital status: Divorced
Spouse(s): Ed Haynes (1969-70) (annulled)
Bobby Ewing (1978-83, 1986-87) (divorced)
Mark Graison (1986) (Season 8, Dream season only)
Other Relationships: Ray Krebbs, Alex Ward
Parent(s): Rebecca Wentworth (mother, deceased)
Hutch McKinney (biological father, deceased)
Digger Barnes (legal father, deceased)
Sibling(s): Cliff Barnes (half-brother)
Katherine Wentworth (half-sister, deceased)
Children: Unnamed child
(miscarriage in 1978)
Unnamed child
(miscarriage in 1979)
Christopher Ewing (adopted)
Other relatives: Pamela Rebecca Barnes (niece)
Maggie Monahan (Aunt)
Jimmy Monahan (Cousin)
Played by: Victoria Principal (1978-87)
Uncredited Extra(s) (1987)
Margaret Michaels (1988)
  • † - Deceased/Presumed deceased

Pamela Ewing (nee Barnes; formerly Haynes) (10 April 1950 - 14 July 1989) was the ex-wife of Bobby Ewing.

About Pam EwingEdit

Early LifeEdit

Pamela Jean Barnes Ewing was the daughter of Rebecca Blake and Hutch McKinney, although she always believed her real father to be Digger Barnes growing up. Her half-brother is Cliff Barnes. Pamela was raised by her Aunt Maggie in a poor part of Dallas and became close with both Maggie and her son Jimmy Monahan. She became a cheerleader in high school and went to the sun bowl. While there she set off to marry a soldier named Ed Hayes, but her father broke up the wedding before they could consummate it.


Due to her being a Barnes, many members of the Ewing family did not like her at first. She eloped with Bobby Ewing in 1978, but things went awry when they returned to Texas. J.R. Ewing discovered her earlier marriage to Ed Hayes and declared her a bigamist. He also accused her of being a spy for her brother Cliff Barnes. She was innocent of both accusations.


Pamela miscarried two children during her first marriage to Bobby, Once falling out of a barn and the second time the horse she was riding got bit by a snake knocking her down.. Further tests later showed that she may never be able to carry children past the third month and this drove Pam to the brink of Suicide in Season five. However, Bobby later had them adopt a baby boy named Christopher. Christopher was the biological son of Kristin Shepherd, the sister of Sue Ellen Ewing, and a drug dealer named Jeff Faraday. Both biological parents are deceased.