Old Accquaintance is the third episode of Season 2 of the CBS-TV series Dallas, also the eighth overall series episode. Written by Camille Marchetta and directed by Alex March, the episode originally aired on CBS-TV on October 7, 1978.


Bobby's old flame Jenna resurfaces, giving Pam reason to think that perhaps the embers are still burning...and giving J.R. an angle that could be a way to rid the Ewing household of Pam.


Bobby's childhood sweetheart Jenna Wade is in trouble after being exposed as the mistress of important businessman Maynard Anderson. Bobby helps her to get a new place to live for her and her young daughter Charlie, who's biological father has never been revealed by Jenna. Pam becomes very agitated when Bobby spends all of his free time and more with Jenna. Pam then confronts Jenna, who admits that Bobby isn’t the father, and Bobby and Pam reconcile. Meanwhile, Cliff Barnes prepares to run for senate.

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  1. During the visit, Pam sits in Bobby’s car and admires Charlie’s ragdoll Jewel – then

accidentally leaves with it. You have to wonder: How does Pam not realize she’s holding the doll when she and Bobby drive away?

  1. The restaurant where Pam meets her brother, Cliff, for lunch is shown beside a fountain.
  2. Though the plaza and building still exists, the fountain was removed in the 80s, due to water being blown by the wind onto passing cars and leaking into the underground garage.

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(Bobby has been spending time with Jenna Wade, and her daughter Charlie, whom Jenna claims is his child. When Bobby arrives back at Southfork after spending all afternoon with Jenna, clothes shopping for Charlie, Pam confronts him:)

  • Pam: Hello!
  • Bobby: I'm sorry about not showing up...
  • Pam: Hsd a good day?
  • Bobby: C'mon, Pam--
  • Pam: Would you tell me how spent it?
  • Bobby: You want it minute by minute? Hour by hour? Or just big broad strokes!?
  • Pam: How about second by second!? You haven't made it for dinner for most of this week! When I went by your office they didn't even know where you were!
  • Bobby: Charlie needed some things---
  • Pam: I bet she did!! This can't go on Bobby!
  • Bobby: There is nothing going on, Pamela! And I'm getting tired of explaining it!
  • Pam: What you're explaining, and what I'm seeing are two different things!
  • Bobby: I can't even talk to you no more -- Youre all twisted up with some kind of jealousy!
  • Pam: That's not true! You know that's not true! Bobby, if it's the child -- If she is your child, we can work something out. Other people do... I wouldn't ask you to run out on her!
  • Bobby: Just what are you asking ???
  • Pam: Does she not spend every day with Jenna? Does she come home to me everyday because she wants to?
  • Pam: (who's close to tears) God, Bobby, I need you! But if you can't stay away from her, stay away from me!
  • Bobby: If that's the way you want it?...Fine! (as he then drives off the ranch)