Timothy Patrick Murphy as Mickey Trotter
Mickey Trotter
Occupation: Various odd jobs; Gets employed as a field had at Southfork by Ray
About: helps Lucy get over the trauma of being raped; gets killed in an automobile accident at the hands of one of J.R.'s schemes
Life Partner(s): Lucy Ewing, 1982-83, his death
Parent(s): Lillian Trotter (mother)
Played by: Timothy Patrick Murphy
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 29 in Seasons 5 and 6

Mickey Trotter was a recurring charater who appeared in a total of 29 episodes of the CBS-TV series Dallas, first appearing in the episode "The Big Ball". The part of Mickey is played by Timothy Patrick Murphy.

About Mickey and LucyEdit

Lucy fell in love with many man before and after her first marriage to Mitch Cooper, which dissolved after her getting raped by an unscrupulous photographer. Roger Larson, but the only other man to touch her as Mitch did was Mickey Trotter. Sadly, he died after a car accident cause by J.R.'s schemes. Mickey had helped her get over her rape, and helped her to love again, and they would have married had Mickey not died. After that she went to find Mitch in Atlanta and they remarried in 1985.

When Ray and Donna attend his father Amos's funeral, his aunt Lillian "Lil" Trotter tells him that she has a son - Mickey. The youth was rude and stand-offish, mouthing off at his mother and causing Ray to grab him by the collar. He told Mickey he should be more respectful towards his mother, but Mickey would have none of it, and left. Aunt Lil told Ray about Mickey. Ever since leaving high school, he had drifted from one job to another. Whilst out for a drive, Ray and Donna pulled into a petrol station, and found Mickey manning the pumps. Ray and Donna told Mickey off about his surly attitude, and Mickey informed them he is on probation for stealing cars, and that the money from the job was going towards paying off the damages on a car he wrecked. His mother knew nothing of it. Ray believed he could get Mickey back on the right track, and offered the boy the chance to go back to Southfork with him.

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