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Michelle Stevens
Occupation: Owner of Ewing Oil
Marital status: Married to James Richard Beaumont (late 80s?), Married to Cliff Barnes (1991)
Spouse(s): Cliff Barnes (1991)
Other Relationships: None
Parent(s): Amy Stevens (mother)
Sibling(s): April Stevens
Children: None
Jimmy Beaumont Jr. (step-son)
Other relatives: unknown
Played by: Kimberly Foster
Michelle Stevens is the scheming younger sister of April Stevens, who marries Bobby Ewing but is killed on their honeymoon. Michelle marries Cliff Barnes in 1991. When she discovers the woman responsible for her sister's death, she kills her and goes to jail but J.R. bails her out of jail in exchange for her share of Ewing Oil, thus becoming partners with Cliff as he already had half of Ewing Oil. Michelle divorces Cliff and leaves Dallas for good.