Nicki Flacks as Melissa Anderson
Niki Flacks as Melissa Anderson
Melissa Anderson
Occupation: Wife of prominent Dallas businessman
About: Disgusted over husband's affair with mistress
  • Catches him at hotel with Jenna Wade when informing him of call to go to meeting for his appointmnent to the State Energy Commisson
  • Played by: Niki Flacks
    Appears on: Dallas (first series)
    Episodes appeared in: "Old Accquaintance" (Season 2, ep# 3)

    Melissa Anderson appears in the Season 2 episode of the CBS-TV series Dallas titled "Old Accquaintance". the part of Melissa is played by Niki Flacks, who also appears as Wanda Frick in the episode "Winds of Vengeance" in Season 2, and also in the episode "Little Boy Lost" in Season 5.

    About MelissaEdit

    Melissa, is the wife of Maynard Anderson, a longtime friend and business colleauge of Jock and J.R. Ewing. Maynard, who's seeking to be placed on the Texas State Energy Comission, is torn between concern for a meeting he's scheduled to attend concerning being placed on the Commission, his wife, and his affair with Jenna Wade, an old flame of Booby who claims that he's the father of her daughter Charlotte.

    When Melissa, who suspected all along that he and Jenna were seeing each other, drops by the hotel where he was checked into for a business meeting to inform him of the upcoming appointment the next day, she poses the question as to what is more important to him; the meeting, or his mistress?

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