Peter Mark Richman as Maynard Anderson
Peter Mark Richman as Maynard Anderson
Maynard Anderson
Occupation: Businessman / Political lobbyist
  • Torn between love for his wife and his mistress
  • Also concerned about his affair being leaked to the press
  • Played by: Peter Mark Richman
    Appears on: Dallas (first series)
    Episodes appeared in: "Old Accquaintance" (Season 2, ep# 3)

    Maynard Anderson appears in the Season 2 episode of the CBS-TV series Dallas titled "Old Accquaintance". the part of M Maynard is played by Peter Mark Richman.

    ==About Maynard==Maynard, a longtime friend and business colleauge of Jock and J.R. Ewing, is placed in a precarious position as he is torn betwenn his political aspirations, as he's seeking to be placed on the Texas State Energy Comission, and his affair with Jenna Wade, an old flame of Booby who claims that he's the father of her daughter Charlotte.

    When questioned by Jock as to why he would be fooling around with Jenna, he expresses his care for her, although the only thing that he's given her is about $200, and a lot of headaches, as he tries to hide the affair from the media, but it doesn't stop his wife from catching he and Janna sleeping together in a swanky motel!