John Beck as Mark Graison
John Beck as Mark Graison
Mark Graison †
Occupation: Owner, Graison Research
Partner, Barnes-Wentworth Oil
About: Affable, likable, handsome sort who manages to steal Pam Ewings heart, as they eventually become engaged to be married in what turned out to be just in Pam's dreams
Life Partner(s): Pamela Barnes Ewing (fiancee, in dream season)
Played by: John Beck
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 67 in Seasons 6-8
  • - Deceased/presumed deceased

Mark Graison was Pamela Ewing's fiancee on the CBS-TV series Dallas during the series' notorious "dream" season, Season 8, which was explained away at the beginning of the next season as entirely a figment of Pam's imagination. The part of Mark, who appeared in a total of 67 episodes in Seasons 6-8, was played by actor John Beck

About MarkEdit

Mark, who was a partner in the Barnes-Wentworth Oil empire and friend and business associate of Cliff Barnes, was also the owner of Graison Research; he first appears in the middle of Season 6, in the episode "Too Many Ewings".

A kind, handsome, affable sort, Mark seemed to be the perfect mate for the recently divorced Pam Barnes, as he also seemed to have a very good relationship with Pam's brother Cliff, and Sue Ellen, Miss Ellie and Clayton Farlow, and at least knew how to deal with J.R..

Although Pam, who was still married to Bobby Ewing at the time of his first appearance on Southfork in Season 6, adamantly, from the time upon their first meeting, would remind him of that fact, it did not deter him from trying to eventually steal her heart, as by Season 8, the two, who had began seeing each other upon the divorce of Pam and Bobby that season, after Bobbys death in what was eventually written by the scriptwriters as "a bad dream" at season's end, as the two had been engaged to get married, with whom seemed like Mark taking a shower in the cliffhanger on the morning they were to be wed, as it only turns out to be Bobby coming out of the shower, in the Season 9 opener, "Return to Camelot: Part 1", instead, still alive, with all of the sequences of the previous season ignored!

Although Mark was initially killed off by the producers and scriptwriters in Season 7, he later returned, after having had faked his death to seek an alternative cure for a seemingly incurable disease he was suffering from. However, by 1986 late in Season 8, former star Patrick Duffy was asked to return to the series and reprise his role as Bobby Ewing, so, in order to adequately accommodate Bobby's return to the series storyline, the producers made the entire 1985-86 season a dream of Pam Ewing's. As a result, the Mark Graison character was written out of the show as if he had never actually returned from the dead.


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