Fern Fitzgerald as Marilee Stone
Fern Fitzgerald as Marilee Stone
Marilee Stone
  • CEO of Stonehurst Oil
  • Member of the Oil cartel
  • Member, Daughters of the Alamo
  • About: Wife of late former member of the Oil Cartel
    Spouse(s): Seth Stone, ?-1979 (his death)
    Life Partner(s): J.R. Ewing (affair), Cliff Barnes (fling)
    Played by: Fern Fitzgerald
    Appears on: Dallas (first series)
    Episodes appeared in: 73 in Seasons 2-13

    Marilee Stone appears in 73 episodes of the CBS-TV series Dallas in Seasons 2 through 13 of the series. The part of Marilee is played by Fern Fitzgerald.

    About MarileeEdit

    Marilee began as a minor background player, a face in the crowd at Daughters of the Alamo meetings and lunches Sue Ellen had with her friends. But there was always a little something about Marilee. She always had a wry smile and gave knowing glances as if she knew a bit more about what was going on than anyone else.

    In short order, Marilee was established as the wife of Seth Stone, a seldom seen member of the Cartel who committed suicide early on in the show's run. Dallas wisely had Marilee take over Stonehurst Oil herself (a company which had originally been her father's, not Seth's) and become a powerful member of the Cartel herself, one of the few women in a position of true power Dallas has had. Around this time, Marilee's most infamous character trait - that of her aggressively dominant sexual personality - also revealed itself. So sexually powerful was Marilee, that playboys like J.R. and Cliff actually came to outright fear her. All of this made Marilee by far the most unique member of the Cartel, and it was always a lot of fun when she turned up. [1]


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