Margaret Krebbs
Occupation: None
Marital status: None
Other Relationships: None
Parent(s): Ray Krebbs
Donna Culver Krebbs
Senator Andrew Dowling (step-father)
Sibling(s): Lucas Krebbs (adoptive brother/cousin)
Children: None
Other relatives: Jock Ewing (grandfather)
J.R. Ewing (uncle)
Bobby Ewing (uncle)
Miss Ellie Ewing(step-grandmother)
Jenna Wade (step-mother)
Played by: Various infant actors
Margaret Krebbs was born in 1987 to separated parents Donna Culver Krebbs and Ray Krebbs. Little else is known about her childhood. After Donna's divorce from Ray and marriage to Senator Andrew Dowling (played by Jim McMullan, she's adopted by him as they relocate to Washington, D.C.