Margaret Barnes Monahan †
Occupation: Housewife
Marital status: Widow
Spouse(s): James Monahan, Sr. (deceased)
Other Relationships: not known
Parent(s): Henry Barnes
Sibling(s): Digger Barnes
Children: Jimmy Monahan (deceased)
Other relatives: Cliff Barnes (nephew)
Pamela Barnes Ewing (niece)
Rose (cousin; deceased)
Played by: Sarah Cunningham in TV series
Norma Moore in TV movie
Appears on:
  • Dallas (first series)
  • Dallas:The Early Years (1986 TV movie)
    • † - deceased/presumed deceased

    Margaret or "Aunt Maggie" Barnes Monahan appears in a total of four episodes of the original Dallas TV series, beginning with the Season 2 episodes "Reunion: Part I" and "Reunion: Part II" in Season 2. The part of Maggie is played on the series by Sarah Cunningham. A younger Maggie is played in the 1986 CBS-TV film Dallas:The Early Years by Norma Moore.

    About MaggieEdit

    Maggie was Digger Barnes widowed sister who helped him raise Pam and Cliff when their mother abandoned them when they were kids. Maggie raised them with her son Jimmy, she was like a mother to both Cliff and Pam. Maggie always supported Digger in his buisness, and she stayed close with the children because Digger's alcoholism.

    Following the events of the epsiode "Double Wedding" in Season 2, Maggie and her son Jimmy moves to Kansas City to care for her and Digger's cousin Rose (mentioned in "Double Wedding").In the interim between episodes "Double Wedding, and "Jock's Trial: Part 2".  Rose & Jimmy have died.In 1980 Maggie returned to Dallas as Digger lay dieing in the hospital & returned to Kansas City following his funeral.By 1984, Maggie had moved back to Texas as Cliff visited Maggie in Fort Worth , looking for old documents concerning Ewing Oil that belonged to his late father Digger. Maggie passes away In the interim between epsiodes "Deja Vu" & "Carousel".