Deborah Shelton as Mandy Winger
Deborah Shelton as Mandy Winger on the CBS-TV series "Dallas".
Mandy Winger
Occupation: Actress/Spokesmodel, Spokesperson for Valentine Lingere
About: Derisively referred to as J.R.'s #1 mistress
Life Partner(s): J.R. Ewing, in adulterous affair
Played by: Deborah Shelton
Appears on: Dallas (first series) / Dallas (second series) (1 episode)
Episodes appeared in:
  • 63 episodes in Seasons 8-10 of original series
  • "J.R.'s Masterpiece" in 2012 series
  • Amanda "Mandy" Winger, whom Sue Ellen referred to as "J.R.'s #1 mistress", appeared in a total of 63 episodes in the CBS-TV series |Dallas, beginning with the episode "If at First You Don't Succeed" in Season 8. The part of Mandy is played by actress Deborah Shelton.

    About MandyEdit

    It was Sue Ellen who actually engineered the split between Mandy and J.R. by making Mandy the Valentine girl for her Valentine Lingerie company. She also made investments that ended up with Mandy signing a movie contract and going off to the Orient, but not before Sue Ellen wished Mandy the best — and let her know how she came by such good fortune. If J.R. got back on top and Mandy returned to Dallas, would she still want him and would Sue Ellen still want to get rid of her? Would you vote for Mandy to come back [1]

    Mandy, along with another old flame of J.R.'s, Afton Cooper. appeared at his funeral in the "J.R.'s Masterpiece" episode in Season 2 of the Dallas spinoff series on TNT/


    External linksEdit

    • Mandy Winger character profile at the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

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