Lucy Ewing
Occupation: waitress/fashion model/patron of the arts
Marital status: Married to Mitch Cooper (1981-1982, 1985-1988)
Other Relationships: Ray Krebbs (1978), Kit Mainwaring III (engaged, 1979), photographer Roger (1982)
Children: None
Played by: Charlene Tilton

Early LifeEdit

Lucy Ewing was known as the promiscuous, troublemaking teenager of the show. She was born in 1962 to teenage newlywed parents Gary Ewing and Valene Ewing. Valene had been living at Southfork when Gary ran away not coping with the situation. Valene found living at the ranch very difficult and ran away only for J.R's men to hunt her down and take the Ewing baby back to Southfork and threatened Valene never to return. Lucy was then raised by Miss Ellie Ewing and her parents never saw each other until Lucy brought them to see each other again after finding Valene who was working as a waitress.


She married medical student Mitch Cooper in 1981 but divorced him in 1982 when she became pregnant with another man's baby (she had an abortion). They got back together in 1985 and moved to Atlanta, but divorced again in 1988. Lucy moved to Italy in 1990. She returned to Dallas with Ray Krebbs for Christopher's wedding in 2012.


Lucy Ewing had a brief fling with Ray Krebbs, who was her half-uncle (father's half brother). She was engaged to a man named Kit Mainwaring III in 1979 before she discovered he was gay, and the engagement was broken off. In 1982 she divorced her husband Mitch Cooper when she was modeling for a psychopathic photographer named Roger. She got pregnant with Roger's baby in 1982 but had an abortion. She was later kidnapped by Roger but saved by her aunt and uncle Bobby and Pam. She also had a relationship with the cousin of Ray Krebbs, Mickey Trotter, but he was killed in a DUI.