Liz Adams
Barbara Stock as Liz Adams in "Win Some, Lose Some" in Season 13 of the CBS-TV series "Dallas".
Liz Adams
  • Owner of Adams Oil company
  • U.S. Government Agent
  • Life Partner(s): Cliff Barnes (romantic tyrst)
    Parent(s): ????
    Played by: Barbara Stock
    Appears on: Dallas (first series)
    Episodes appeared in: 15 in Seasons 13 & 14

    Elizabeth "Liz" Adams is a character that appeared in the later seasons of original Dallas TV series on CBS, played by actress Barbara Stock from 1990 to 1991 in Seasons 13 and 14. She first appears in the thirteenth season episode "The Southfork Wedding Jinx" and remained in the series during the final season.


    Liz arrives in Dallas as an old friend of Bobby Ewing's and meets Cliff Barnes. Liz's recently deceased brother left her an oil company and she wishes to sell it. Cliff tries to convince her to stay in Dallas and has her meet with WestStar boss Carter McKay. Liz and Carter instantly recognize each other and Liz tells Cliff she knew Carter when she Lived in New York, but his name wasn't Carter McKay.

    Later, McKay and Liz mutually agree to not discuss their past now that they are both in Dallas.[1] It transpires that Liz and Carter knew a dangerous criminal known as Johnny Dancer. Liz was a government agent and acting as his girlfriend in order to turn him in.

    Liz is pressured by her former employer to continue their plan. Liz obeys but Johnny is murdered and Liz, Carter and Cliff becomes suspects. When Carter is arrested and charged with Johnny's murder, Cliff admits he killed Johnny in self-defense. Later, Liz sells her oil company to J.R. Ewing in exchange for getting Cliff the Energy Czar job in Washington. However, when Cliff discovers this he breaks up with Liz and she disappears from Dallas.[1]


    Barbara Stock previously appeared in Dallas playing Heather Wilson in two season five episodes.



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