Amy Stoch as Lisa Alden
Amy Stoch as Lisa Alden in Season 11 of the CBS-TV series "Dallas".
Lisa Alden
Occupation: Not Mentioned; Takes Bobby to court over the custody of Chrstopher, her biological nephew
Parent(s): Not Mentioned
Sibling(s): Jeff Farraday (brother)
Children: None
Other relatives: ????
Played by: Amy Stoch
Appears on: Dallas (first series) (16 episodes in Season 11)

Lisa Alden was the sister of Jeff Farraday, a drug dealer and biological father of Christopher Ewing and boyfriend of Kristin Shepard (Sue Ellen's sister). Jeff appears in a total of eleven episodes of the CBS-TV series Dallas. The part of Lisa is played in  a total of 16 episodes by Amy Stoch in Season 11.

About LisaEdit

After Krsitin, drowning death in an accident at Southfork Ranch, a few years earlier, which resulted in her boyfrined Jeff Farraday selling their infant son Christopher, to Bobby and Pam Ewing for $ 25,000 before getting killed himself by drug dealers over an unpaid $50,000 debt, Amy arrives with a lawsuit, seeking to gain custody of Christopher. When little Christopher tells the judge that he doesn’t want to be separated from his father, and Lisa decides to drop her case.


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