Ray with Aunt Lil Trotter
Ray Kreebs with his Aunt Lil Trotter (Kate Reid) in episode of the CBS-TV series "Dallas".
Lillian "Lil" Trotter
Occupation: ????
About: Aunt of Ra
Children: Mickey Trotter (son)
Played by: Kate Reid
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 17 in Seasons 6-9
  • First appearance: "Bilion Dollar Question" (Season 6)
  • Last appearance: "Hello... Goodbye... Hello" (Season 9)
  • ar Lillian "Lil" Trotter was a recurring charater who appeared in a total of 17 episodes of the CBS-TV series Dallas, first appearing in the episode "Billion Dollar Question". The part of Lillian is played by Kate Reid.

    About Mickey and LucyEdit

    When Ray and Donna fly to Emporia, Kansas to attend his dad Amos's (played by William Windom in Season 4) funeral, it's his Aunt Lil who informs him both of his cousin, her delinquent son Mickey, whom she has been having a really hard time controlling, as she allows Ray to take him on as a ranch hand at Southfork, as she also tells him that Jock Ewing is his biological dad, not her brother Amos.

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