Alexis Smith as Lady Jessica Montford
Alexis Smith as Lady Jessica Montford on the original CBS-TV "Dallas" series
Lady Jessica Montford
Occupation: Wealthy socialite and British royalty
About: Conniving, emotionally disturbed younger sister of Clayton who conspires with J.R. to try to stop his marriage to Miss Ellie, as she later sets fire to the Farlow ranch; name later pops up in a rash of murders
Children: Dusty Farlow (son, with Ward)
Played by: Alexis Smith
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 11 in Seasons 4 and 13

Lady Jessica Montford (born Jessica Farlow), Clayton Farlow's sister, appears in a total of eleven episodes of the original Dallas TV series in Seasons 7 and 13, first appearing in the episode "The Unexpected". The part of Jessica is played in the episodes by veteran film/TV actress Alexis Smith.

About JessicaEdit

Flashing an eerie smile that resembled the snarling mouth of a hungry shark just as it’s about to devour its prey, Jessica spent a few weeks stalking Miss Ellie on the ranch, desperately looking for a way to keep Ellie's wedding to big brother Clayton from happening. She conspired with J.R. for a while to sabotage the nuptials, but even he had no idea how disturbed Lady Montford was. It was revealed that Jessica was the real mother of Sue Ellen’s former lover Dusty Farlow, whom Clayton and his first wife Amy agreed to raise as their own when a young teenaged Jessica was shipped off to England to avoid the scandal of her unwed pregnancy.

An unbalanced Jessica had set fire to the Farlow ranch — The Southern Cross – killing Amy in the process, and kidnapped Miss Ellie when she went full-on cuckoo. Fortunately, Clayton and the Ewing brothers rescued Ellie and sent Jess back to the mental hospital. In 1990, Jessica reappeared as the culprit in a rash of murders of men who had crossed Dusty’s father, the wealthy Atticus Ward. Jessica killed Atticus, too, so that her precious Dusty could inherit his millions.

Episode appearancesEdit

Season 7
Season 13

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