Karen Kopins as Kay Lloyd
Karen Kopins as Kay Lloyd on the CBS-TV "Dallas" series
Kay Lloyd
Occupation: Capitol Hill political staffer, aide to Senator Andrew Dowling
About: Aids Bobby Ewing in reclaiming the Ewing Oil name after the U.S. Justice Department shut the company down after J.R. tries to boost domestic oil prices; lives lavishy for one on a politicial staffer's salary
Life Partner(s): Bobby Ewing in brief fling
Played by: Karen Kopins
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 13 in Seasons 11 - 13

Kay Lloyd appears in a total of 13 episodes of the original Dallas TV series which aired on CBS-TV. The part of Kay Lloyd is played in the episodes by Karen Kopins.

About KayEdit

When the feds discovered the J.R. tried to blow up the Middle East to boost domestic oil prices (no, really), the Justice Department shut down Ewing Oil and prohibited the family from using the company name again. Bobby went to work reclaiming the name with help from Kay, an aide for Senator Andrew Dowling (Jim McMullan), who lived a fabulous lifestyle (chauffered limousine, swanky apartment, designer duds) despite the meager salary she must’ve received as a Capitol Hill staffer. Bobby and Kay became an item, but the romance died when she wasn’t willing to move to Dallas. (Can you blame her?)[1]


season 11
Season 13


External linksEdit

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