Julie Grey
Tina Luuise as Julie
Julie Grey †
Occupation: J.R.'s secretary (not to mention, mistress) at Ewing Oil
Marital status: Single
  • Secretary to J.R. Ewing who leaked important papers on Sen. "Wild Bill" Orloff to Cliff Barnes and ruined Orloff's career
  • Killed by a fall from her apartment building, after being cornered by Willie Joe Garr and Jeb Ames, who knew she was going to give the Ewing Red File to Cliff Barnes
  • Spouse(s): None
    Life Partner(s):
  • J.R. Ewing (as his mistress)
  • Other Relationships: Cliff Barnes (a few tyrsts with to get back at J.R. for not leaving wife Sue Ellen to marry her)
    Parent(s): Not mentioned
    Children: None
    Played by: Tina Louise
    Appears on: Dallas (first series)
    Episodes appeared in: 6 in Seasons 1 & 2
    • † - deceased/presumed deceased

    Julie Grey, the conniving secretary of  J.R. Ewing, appears in six early episodes of the CBS-TV series Dallas. The part of Julie is played by actress Tina Louise, best known to TV audiences as "Ginger Grant" on the 1960's CBS-TV sitcom series Gilligan's Island.

    About JulieEdit

    In April of 1978 during the airing of the Dallas miniseries episodes, Julie Grey, was JR's secertary at Ewing Oil. She often hid all of his dirty deals from Bobby and Jock. Just after Bobby began working at Ewing Oil full time J.R. had Julie take a Red File (the most private files) to a safe deposit box. A few weeks later, J.R. and Julie had a romantic night. Julie had always been in love with J.R., but, being romantic, as other women woulf later find out who had liasions with the crafty J.R., is not exactly his strong suit! For her birthday that night he gave her money, as if she was a whore, which peeved her to the point where she felt that had to get even.

    Upset in that long-time lover J.R., although in a long rocky relationship with alcoholic wife Sue Ellen, never plans to leave his wife for her, planned to take out revenge on him. In “Spy in the House,” when Julie tires of J.R. taking her for granted, she seeks retribution the only way she knows how – the way he's taught her over her years of working as his secretary at Ewing Oil, as she strings along poor Cliff Barnes, his arch enemy, in his own vendetta against J.R. by investigating Ewing Oil, as Julie releasing sensitive documents proving that J.R. offered a bribe to a prominent local politician, Senator "Will Bill" Orloff (Norman Alden) in consistenly overlooking several infractions which could have brought down Ewing Oil and bring criminal charges against many in the company, mainly him.

    In the end, after Pam, who was told by Bobby of all the charges that were being hurled in the local press against Ewing Oil and J.R. because of Julie's handing of the Orloff files to Cliff, confronts Julie, she decides to come clean about what she did, and quits her secretary job and walks away from the company, and out of J.R.'s life, and hair, but only for a year, as she again resurfaced, this time builing a close relationship with Jock, which irked J.R. and caused Miss Ellie to suspect that Jock was having an affai with her.

    Julie is tragically killed by a fall from her apartment building, after being cornered by Willie Joe Garr and Jeb Ames, who knew she was going to give the Ewing Red File to Cliff Barnes.

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