Don Starr as Jordan Lee
Don Starr as Jordan Lee on the CBS-TV series "Dallas".
Jordan Lee
Occupation: Member of the Dallas Oil Cartel, later politician
About: Ruthless member of the Oil Cartel who frequently butted heads with J.R. Ewing, also a member
Played by: Don Starr
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 89 in Seasons 2-14
  • First Episode: "Election" #2.08
  • Last Episode: "Terminus" #14.04

  • Jordan Lee appears in a total of 89 episodes of the CBS-TV series Dallas in Seasons 2 through the final season of the series. The part of Jordan Lee is played by veteran character actor Don Starr.

    About Jordan LeeEdit

    Jordan Lee was one of the members of the infamous Oil Cartel, of which the Ewings were and Cliff Barnes was also a part of, as well as it's de-facto leader. Jordan was every bit as unscrupulous as J.R. Ewing and Jeremy Wendell, though not really as good at it. His victories generally came as a result of having more people behind him, as all the members of the cartel combined generally swung a pretty heavy bat.

    Jordan didn't always have a lot to do, and a lot of his appearances would consist of him in a large group telling J.R. to go to hell, but he was still a mainstay in the series, appearing regularly from the beginning of Season 2 until the final one where he was fairly randomly assassinated. He had a good run, and while he wasn't the flashiest or most exciting of characters, he remained an interesting one nonetheless.[1]


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