John R Ewing
John Ross Ewing III
Occupation: Partner in Ewing Energies
1/2 Owner of Southfork Ranch
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): Pamela Rebecca Barnes (wife; 2013-present)
Other Relationships: Elena Ramos (dated)
Emma Ryland (affair)

Marta Del Sol (fling)
Allison Jones (one-night stand)
Brandee Cartwell (one-night stand)

Parent(s): J.R. Ewing
Sue Ellen Ewing
Sibling(s): James Richard Beaumont (paternal half-brother)
? (paternal half-brother, name unknown, with Cally Ewing)
? (paternal half-sister, name unknown, mother unknown)
Children: Possible Unborn Child (via Elena)
Other relatives: Lucy Ewing (cousin)
Christopher Ewing (cousin) Bobby Ewing (uncle)
Played by: Josh Henderson (2012-)
Omri Katz (1983-1991, 1996)
Tyler Banks (1979-1983)
John Ross Ewing III is the son of J.R. Ewing and Sue Ellen Ewing, cousin of Christopher Ewing and Pamela Rebecca Ewing's husband.


He seems conniving and diabolical, but within that layer, the character John Ross is very complicated, he wants his birthright of course, but also his father's approval. And most of all someone at his side, since his parents neglected him most of his life, and people branding him as being as evil as his father. But the audience can see that he has a bit of a playful side as well. With that he keeps people at arms length because he doesn't want to get hurt again because of what happened when Elena broke his heart. Putting it simply he's a sweetheart with a twist.



John Ross Ewing III was born in September 1979. He endured strange circumstances around his birth. His mother, Sue Ellen Ewing, suffered from alcoholism and drank during her pregnancy, and eventually gave birth via an emergency operation when she was in a car accident. She also suffered from postpartum depression and had no real connection to her son in the first few years of his life. His father, J.R. Ewing, also had a lack of a connection with him, due to the fact that Sue Ellen admitted she had an affair with Cliff Barnes and he might be the father. A paternity test later revealed that J.R. was the real father, and they began to have a more normal relationship.

Early childhoodEdit

When his mother started an affair with Dusty Farlow, a rodeo star, she deceived relatives into bringing J.R. to see her in San Angelo. He lived there with his mother and Dusty and saw his father every other weekend.

Sue Ellen and J.R. eventually reunited for the sake of John Ross Ewing III, only to divorce again. His father feared that his mother's drinking and their frequent marital issues were causing mental problems for his son, so he took him to a psychological day camp, where he formed a strong bond with his counselor, Peter Richards. Unfortunately, when Peter Richards began an affair with his mother, he was arrested on trumped up drug charges (due to J.R.) and John Ross never saw him again.

Later childhoodEdit

John Ross was later put into boarding school by J.R. In 1991, he moved to London with his mother and his new stepfather, Don Lockwood.