William Smithers as Jeremy Wendell
William Smithers as Jeremy Wendell
Jeremy Wendell
Occupation: CEO of WestStar Oil (former)
About: Really diabolically ruthless sort who served as a thorn in the Ewings, namely J.R.'s, side
Played by: William Smithers(1981, 1984-1989)
Appears on: "Dallas (first series)"
Episodes appeared in:
  • 50 in Series, Seasons 4-12
  • first episode: #4.10 "Executive Wife" <li? Last Episode #12.10 "The Sting"
  • Jeremy Wendell, the former CEO of WestStar Oil and invester on Barnes-Wentworth Oil, appeared in a total of 50 episodes of the CBS-TV series "Dallas", beginning with the Season 4 episode "Executive Wife". The part of Jeremy is played by William Smithers.

    About JeremyEdit

    If ever there was a character that upped the ante of J.R. Ewing, it was Jeremy Wendell. J.R. ran a powerful oil company, Jeremy ran a bigger one. J.R. could do awful things to achieve his ends, but compared to Jeremy he was a boyscout. Although in his first appearances in Season 4, Jeremy seemed just like a normal (if ruthless and powerful) businessman in CEO, it was only in his longer run in the latter half of the original Dallas series that he revealed just how despicably cut-throat and diabolical he could be. His role on the show as an arch-villain to the Ewing family was all too brief, and the more prominent Carter McCay, who succeeded him as CEO of WestStar and thorn in the Ewings' side was, in many ways, just a mere pretender to the throne and lacked Jeremy's sense of pure, cool, evil. [1]


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